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Quick Start

Controlling Fixtures

The intensities of your fixtures can be controlled using the channel faders. To access the channel faders, ensure the Fader Funct. button on the console is toggled to Channels. On FLX, you can also use syntax commands to control the intensities of your fixtures.

Once on, you can then control your fixture's various controls, by using the attribute buttons. These will open as tabs along the top of the internal touchscreen of FLX S, and are physical attribute keys on the right hand side of the FLX touchscreen. Tapping these attribute buttons will open these attributes on the internal touchscreen. This will allow you control the fixture's parameters with the encoder wheels, or the touchscreen controls. The console will also offer to automatically create palettes, as quick shortcuts to control the different attributes.

You can store your common colours, beams, shapes and positions, by recording your own palettes. Do this by controlling your lights, tap Record, and you will then be able to tap an empty palette marked with an asterisk on the touchscreen.

The last tab that will be open on FLX S, and the attribute key to the bottom right of the FLX internal touchscreen, is the Effect button. Tap this, and automatically create effects, to allow the console to create some effects for your fixtures. Apply an effect on your lights, and use the encoders to adjust the effect, such as adjust the speed.