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Selection & Intensity

Intensity Wheel

To change the intensity of a fixture via an encoder wheel, first select the fixture(s) required. Channels are automatically selected when channel faders are moved, but can be changed using the buttons under the faders (MFFs must be in “channel” mode). Fixtures can also be selected using commands.

For example:

1 Thru 6 And 9 Enter

1 Thru 6, And 9,

When the channel is selected, the LED in the button under the fader will turn on, and an orange box will be drawn around the channel number in the Output Window. You can select multiple channels on the faders at the same time by pressing and holding the first button, and then tapping the last button.


Once selected, press the Z key and then use the encoder wheel marked on the internal monitor as “intensity” to adjust the level. The output value is shown above the corresponding encoder wheel and in the Output Window.

The Intensity Wheel adjustment is relative, which means that if multiple fixtures are selected with different values, the movement of the encoder will be applied to each fixture individually.

For example, if you set fixture 1 to 100%, and fixture 2 to 50%, dial the Intensity wheel down to 50%, fixture 1 is @ 50%, and fixture 2 is now @ 0%. The intensity wheel has taken the value of the fixtures down by the same amount.


If required, rather than needing to tap Z each time to access the intensity wheel, Intensity can be locked to the first encoder wheel so it is always displayed when fixtures are selected. To do this tap Setup -> Settings and Enable "Always Display Intensity Encoder" under the Attributes section. Click here to find out more.