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Selection & Intensity

The Clear Button


Upon adjusting the intensity of fixtures, or adjusting any parameters of a fixture, the Clear button will illuminate.

This tells you that there are manual fixture adjustments present, and therefore if you were to play back cues, they may look different to how they were programmed, as they will be mixing with manual changes. Manual fixture adjustments are sometimes referred to as "programmer values" or "values in the programmer".

The Clear button can be used for two functions; to clear the current selection, and to clear the manual fixture adjustments.

To clear the selection, you can tap the Clear button once. A second tap of Clear, will clear all manual control of your lights, reverting them to either their defaults, or to the control of any cues that may be running.

To flip these steps around, you can hold Shift and tap Clear. This therefore leaves the fixtures selected, but clears all manual values.

Clear Fixture

If you hold Clear and tap a fixture's channel select button situated below its channel fader, this will clear the fixture. This means that all manual adjustments that were made to the fixture will be cleared. The intensity, colour, beam, shape, position and effect of the fixture will therefore return to being controlled by any cues that are active. If no cues are active, the fixture will return to its default values.

Multi-select allows multiple fixtures to be cleared simultaneously by holding Clear, holding the first fixture's channel select button, and tapping the last fixture's channel select button.