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Clear Options


Clear options allows you to clear certain areas of the console, or reset the console back to factory settings. The Clear Options are split into Showfile Data, and Desk Settings.

Clear Show File Data

Data stored on the console is separated into nine types, each of which can be cleared independently to each other. Alternatively, Clear All will clear all nine types in one go, and therefore clear all programming on the console.

Options will only be shown if data has been created in the current show file for that data type. Selecting any of these options will offer confirmation before clearing. Once confirmed, this action cannot be undone.

These data types are:

  • Colour Palettes
  • Beam Palettes
  • Shape Palettes
  • Position Palettes
  • Effect Palettes
  • Macros
  • Groups
  • Playbacks
  • User Definable Keys

Clear Desk Settings

Clear Fixture Files

A separate option, that is not included within Clear All, is Clear Fixture Files. This removes all custom fixtures from the console, that are not contained in the fixture library. It will therefore clear all fixtures which are displayed in red in the Fixture Schedule and Add Fixtures. It will not remove fixture files that are currently patched, meaning you can clear fixtures files knowing your programming won't be affected. It also means if you need to clear all custom fixtures apart from one, temporarily patch the one you want to keep, and then clear fixture files to remove the rest.

Unpin Add Fixtures

Fixture manufacturers & models that have already been patched, and fixtures that have been loaded into the console, will be "pinned" to the top of Add Fixtures. This allows you to easily patch a fixture you are already using again. To "unpin" fixtures that are no longer in use, tap Setup -> Clear Options -> Unpin Add Fixtures


Reset desk will reset all settings and data on the console, excluding network settings and touchscreen calibration. This cannot be undone.

Factory Reset completely wipes the console back to a fresh installation of ZerOS.


After confirming a Factory Reset, the console will need to be restarted.