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Art-Net Devices

If you enable the Art-Net protocol in the Universes tab of Setup, any Art-Net devices ZerOS can see will be displayed in the Devices tab.


In this image, Zero 88 Gateway 4 can be seen by ZerOS. This is how most Ethernet to DMX gateways (sometimes referred to as "nodes") will be displayed in Devices.

In the panel header of an Art-Net device, the name of the device will be displayed, along with the IP address.


The name of Art-Net devices can be customised, by clicking on the "Name" field in the device's panel. This is very useful if you have multiple gateways in different locations, so you know which is which.


You can also remotely configure the individual DMX Output ports of the gateway using the "Outputs" fields. This allows you to choose which Art-Net universe that physical port will output. For example, you may configure all the ports to output Art-Net universe 1.

With some Ethernet to DMX Gateways, such as Gateway 4 and Gateway 8, you can remotely configure whether the port outputs streaming ACN or Art-Net data. This allows you to use the sACN standard for your DMX over Ethernet, and then just use Art-Net for configuration and monitoring. This is configured with the switch at the bottom of the Output port configuration window, if your particular Ethernet to DMX gateway has this capability.


Some Art-Net devices allow their individual DMX Output ports to be renamed. If they do, a "Port Label" field will be available to the left of the "Cancel" button.

For example, if port 2 of the gateway is outputting universe 2, and your Stage Left Movers are on universe 2 connected to that port, you could rename the port, so you know exactly which fixtures are connected to this physical DMX output.