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Philips Hue


FLX S24, FLX S48, FLX and ZerOS Server can control the full range of Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs and Philips Hue Smart Plugs when connected via Ethernet to a Philips Hue Bridge. Smart Light Bulbs are controlled within ZerOS in the same way as a LED fixture, whilst Smart Plugs are controlled like a relay. These can be programmed into standard cues, allowing simultaneous control with the rest of the entertainment lighting system.


Philips Hue can be enabled from the Devices tab of Setup, in the Philips Hue panel. Once enabled, the Philips Hue network settings can then be configured.


The IP address options will allow you to configure the Philips Hue network settings. You can choose between using a DHCP address, or a static IP address.

The Hue connection will be set to a Static IP address of (Subnet Mask by default.

Hue Bridges will default to DHCP. Therefore, if you have a DHCP server on your console's network, you will be able to connect the Hue Bridge, and simply choose DHCP on your console. The DHCP server will then ensure your console and your Hue Bridge can talk to one another. If you do not have a DHCP server on your console's network, the Hue Bridge's network settings will need to be manually configured, to a static IP address in range of your console.


Once the network settings have been configured, Hue Bridges on your console's network should automatically appear after a few seconds, and will be displayed as separate panels in the Device tab. Once a Hue Bridge has been found, it will be displayed with its name and IP address shown.


You will then need to pair your console with your Hue Bridge. To do this, click the "Pair" button in the Hue Bridge's panel within the Devices tab. The console will then be ready to pair. You can then press the large link button on top of the Hue Bridge.


Once paired, ZerOS will detect all of the Smart Light Bulbs and Smart Plugs that may be connected to the Hue Bridge, and add them into the console. This functionality is very similar to RigSync detecting and patching RDM fixtures.

After all the Smart Light Bulbs and Smart Plugs have been added in, you can then exit Setup on your console by tapping the Setup key. You will then be able to control and program the connected Smart Light Bulbs and Smart Plugs. The Smart Light Bulbs and Smart Plugs will be named using their preconfigured Hue names.


Hue Bridges can be renamed from ZerOS. To rename a Hue Bridge, click the Name button within a Hue Bridge's panel in the Devices tab.


It is possible to remotely change a detected Hue Bridge's network settings from ZerOS. To do this, click the "Network Configuration" button within the Hue Bridge's panel in the Devices tab. You can then choose whether the bridge is set to DHCP, or a Static IP address.


If a Hue Bridge does not automatically appear in Devices, ensure the network settings on both the Hue Bridge and ZerOS are correct.

If you need to manually connect to a Hue Bridge, click the Add Bridge button in the Philips Hue panel, and type in the IP address of your bridge.


To remove a Hue Bridge that has been manually added, click the Remove button within the added Hue Bridge's panel.


Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs and Smart Plugs will be automatically added, but are also available in Add Fixtures.