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Remote Apps

ZerOS consoles can be remotely controlled using free remote applications, compatible with iOS, Android and Windows 10.

There are two applications available:

  • "ZerOS Remote" enables wireless control of your rig, allowing you to manipulate, control and playback your shows. This is available for iOS and Android devices including iPads and tablets, but is mainly designed for use on smart phones.
  • "ZerOS Monitor" emulates a wireless additional external touchscreen monitor. This is available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

If you're on an iOS device...

If you're on an Android device...

If you're on a Windows device...

Click here to download ZerOS Monitor for Windows.


To enable access to the console from these apps, change “Remote” to “Enabled”. 


Your network should already include security measures to ensure unauthorised access isn’t possible, however the password on the console adds an additional layer of security (this security is simply a password the remote will prompt you for before connecting - ensure you change the password from the default one).To disable this level of security, leave the Password option blank – this will disable the password.

IP Address

The IP address options will allow you to configure your Remote network settings. You can choose between using a DHCP address, or a static IP address.

The Remote connection will be set to a Static IP address of (Subnet Mask by default.

Once you have configured your console's remote settings, connect your remote device to the same network as your console. You can then start the app on the remote device, and your console should be found. Press on the name of your console, and click the connect button.

Take a look at this training session for more information on the Remote Apps...