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The attributes section allows you to edit global Intensity, Colour, Beam, Shape and Positon settings. These are explained below.

Always Display Intensity Encoder 

This allows you to lock the first wheel to an Intensity control. This means all other options on the encoders will be shown on encoders two, three and four only. Using Intensity on a wheel is advantageous when you have multiple channels all at different levels, and you want to increase or decrease their levels all together. If you only plan to use this feature occasionally, leave this option disabled, and use the Intensity Wheel that becomes available when you press the Z Key.

Attribute Specific Settings

Attribute Settings

These options allow you to change various settings for each attribute. The same windows can also be opened outside of the Setup Window, by pressing Setup and the attribute button together (on FLX S, these are soft buttons along the top of the touchscreen).

Mouse controls Pan & Tilt

This allows you to control the Pan and Tilt of a moving light by using an external USB device, such as a mouse or trackball. When enabled, this device will control the Pan and Tilt of any selected device when the “Position” attribute button is selected on the front panel.