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Desk Type

ZerOS Server can run as any of the following consoles that run ZerOS:

  • FLX
  • OrbXF
  • Orb
  • Solution
  • Solution XL

By default, ZerOS Server will run as FLX.

If ZerOS Server is being used as a Backup device in a Tracking Backup system, it must be configured to match the Desk Type of the Master console. Feature availability for ZerOS Server is based upon whichever console it’s currently emulating.


To change the ZerOS Server's Desk Type, click Desk Type in Settings.


A drop-down can then be used to choose the console type. You can then click OK.


Changing the Desk Type will completely wipe the ZerOS Server's memory. On the Warning message, click Yes to proceed, or No to allow you to save your show to USB first.


After clicking Yes, the ZerOS Server will change the Desk Type, and ask you to switch off the server once complete. ZerOS Server will boot into the newly selected Desk Type when it is next powered.