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The Displays section of Settings contains "Monitor" settings for the external monitor, and "LCD Settings" for the internal touchscreen. FLX S24 only has the "LCD Settings", as there is no external monitor output on FLX S24 consoles.


FLX, FLX S48 and ZerOS Server have a DVI-D connector on the rear of the console for an external monitor output. This monitor can also be touchscreen if desired, which also plug into one of the USB connectors with a second cable. FLX will automatically detect if the external monitor is present, and the best resolution to use for that monitor. FLX S48 will not auto detect if a monitor is present, and will output at 1024 by 768 resolution. To manually change if a monitor is present or not, change “Monitor” to Enabled or Disabled (by default on FLX this is set to Auto Detect).


If using a touchscreen, this monitor will need to be calibrated before the touch functionality will work. Click Calibrate.


The external monitor will now guide you through the calibration process – press the orange cross in the upper left corner, then the lower right corner, then the upper right corner.

If you find the touchscreen does not respond, wait a couple of seconds, and try again. Whilst in the calibration window, you may receive a message suggesting you press the Update button. If you receive the message, and the external monitor is not responding, press the Update key on the console, and try tapping the mark again.

This completes the calibration and ZerOS will ask you to draw on the screen to check the calibration has worked correctly. You should ensure that the line drawn is displayed in the same place you touch the monitor. Press Enter (or, on FLX S48 Z/Shift) to confirm and return to Settings.

A number of external touchscreens are supported by ZerOS. Although we will endeavour to add support for other screens where possible, we make no guarantees about this since the drivers may not be available in the correct format for the desk operating system. Please contact Zero 88 for details.


On FLX and ZerOS Server, to manually change the monitor's resolution, click “Resolution” and select one of the listed resolutions (or select “Auto Detect”). FLX will change the resolution for 15 seconds, and then automatically revert it to the previous setting unless you click Keep on the internal monitor within those 15 seconds.

LCD Brightness


This Settings allow you to change the brightness of the internal display. The touchscreen brightness is a value between 0% and 100%. Recommended use is at 50% brightness. 0% will not allow the backlight to go out completely, but instead to a very dim level that can still be seen in most situations. The first encoder wheel will allow you to adjust this, as well as the on-screen numpad.