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ZerOS can receive a DMX input from an external DMX source, which allows another lighting console to remotely control playback levels in ZerOS.

Some ZerOS consoles have a physical DMX input connector that can be used to receive DMX.

On FLX, FLX S24, FLX S48 & ZerOS Server, either of the physical DMX output ports can be configured as an input instead.


The DMX In section in Triggers will be shown on consoles with a DMX input configured. An Add button is available, to allow you to map a DMX Input to a playback.


Upon pressing Add, a Playback field, and a DMX address field will appear. This allows you to choose which playback you wish to control, and the DMX address you wish to use to control it.

A Remove button is also available to remove DMX control from a playback.

Once a playback has been assigned a DMX address, this playback's level can be controlled by the level of the respective DMX slot.

DMX Input levels will mix Highest Takes Precedence with playback levels in ZerOS.

If the level of the assigned DMX slot is @ 0, and the DMX slot level is snapped to full, this will emulate a press of the playback's button.


Once a playback has been configured, clicking Add another time, automatically populates the next playback number and DMX address.


If you attempt to assign a playback a DMX address that is already in use by another playback, you will receive an error message.