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The Universes tab of Setup is a single place for configuring each separate method (“protocol”) of sending lighting data out of the console to your lighting rig. 

Fixtures can be patched across 64 “Desk Universes”. The total number of channels used across the 64 universes cannot exceed the total number of channels your console is licenced for.

At the top of the “Universes” tab are panels for the global settings of each protocol – in most situations, these are all you will need. Below these are a panel for each of the 64 “Desk Universes”, providing a method of fine tuning your universe routing (for example, you could send the data for fixtures patch to “Desk Universe 5” to sACN Universe 5, Art-Net Universe 4 and DMX Output 1). 

Find out more about the available protocols and the Desk Universes in the Universes tab...