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Art-Net 4 is a lighting protocol which sends DMX data over Ethernet. The protocol allows for multiple DMX universes to be sent over a single Ethernet cable.


Within the Art-Net 4 panel, you can choose to enable Art-Net 4. Once enabled, you will be able to configure the Art-Net 4 protocol.

By default, Art-Net 4 universes will be mapped 1:1 with Desk Universes.


If you have changed the Art-Net 4 settings per Desk Universe, you can choose to “Reset to defaults”. This will prompt you to start the Universe numbering from either Art-Net Universe 0 or Art-Net Universe 1. Technically the first available Art-Net 4 universe is “Universe 0”, but on modern devices it’s usual to ignore Universe 0, and start at Universe 1 – providing a “1-to-1” numbered universe patch, rather than an offset of 1. 

IP Address

The IP address options will allow you to configure your Art-Net network settings. You can choose between using a DHCP address, a static IP address, or a Primary/Secondary IP address.

The Primary/Secondary IP address are predefined IP addresses, in the format 2.x.x.x for the primary, and 10.x.x.x for the secondary (both with subnets of Many Art-Net devices default to either a 2.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x IP, and so the Primary and Secondary option are quick ways to get you communicating with Art-Net devices with as little configuration required as possible.

Art-Net will be set to use the Primary (2.x.y.z) IP address by default.

Art-Net 4 traffic is mostly transmitted as “Unicast” data.

Once you have transmitted your Art-Net data from the console, you can then send it to your fixtures over Ethernet. Often, Art-Net universes are then converted back to DMX universes, using an Ethernet to DMX Gateway.

Zero 88 manufacture Gateway 4 and Gateway 8 Ethernet to DMX Gateways.

Click here to head to the Gateway 4 page.

Click here to head to the Gateway 8 page.

Watch the video here for an overview of Gateway 4 and Gateway 8.

Once Art-Net has been enabled, ZerOS will tell other controllers on the network which Art-Net universes are currently being transmitted. ZerOS uses the Art-Net OEM code of 0x2BFE.

The console's Desk Name, set in Setup -> Settings -> Desk Name, is reported as the console's Art-Net name. This cannot be edited by other Art-Net devices.

Take a look at the session below for an introduction to Art-Net...