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Desk Universes

Below the various protocol settings within the Universes tab, are the 64 individual desk universe panels.

The 64 Desk Universe panels provide a method of fine tuning your outputs (for example, you could send the data for fixtures patched to “Desk Universe 5” to sACN Universe 5, Art-Net Universe 4 and DMX Output 1).


Each panel has the ability to configure the four protocols for that desk universe – DMX, streaming ACN, Art-Net 4 and CITP (Capture). For each of the protocols, an “Add” button allows you to add an additional universe of that protocol for that Desk Universe. For example, you could have Desk Universe 1 being output to both Art-Net Universe 1 and 2 (or more). This might be useful when visiting a venue as you can have the same data from both Art-Net ports without having to reconfigure the venue’s device. 


To renumber or remove a universe from one of the four protocols, simply press the universe and either enter the new number, or click “Remove”. 

All FLX range consoles, have a pair of DMX outputs on the rear of the console. Therefore the "DMX" field for a Desk Universe will only ever be output number 1 or 2.

When a DMX output is added to a universe, it will have the the option in enable or disable RigSync on that output. This allows the same Desk Universe to be output from both DMX Outputs, but one with and one without RDM.


If you add a protocol universe to a desk universe, which is already in use by another desk universe, you will receive a popup with the option to Cancel, or Use on this Desk Universe instead.


Each sACN Universe has the option to set a custom priority. To change this priority, or change it back to follow the default, simply press the priority and either enter the new number, or click “Default”.