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Streaming ACN (sACN) is a lighting protocol which sends DMX data over Ethernet. The protocol allows for multiple DMX universes to be sent over a single Ethernet cable. The protocol is approved by ANSI and ESTA as the standard for DMX over Ethernet and allows ZerOS to communicate with a multitude of sACN enabled devices already available from a range of manufactures.


Within the sACN panel, you can choose to enable sACN. Once enabled, you will be able to configure the sACN protocol. By default, sACN universes will be mapped 1:1 with Desk Universes.


Reset to Defaults

If you have changed the sACN settings in individual Desk Universes, you can choose to “Reset to defaults” (which outputs each Desk Universe on the equivalent number sACN Universe). 


Default Priority

Transmitted sACN universes can be defined a priority level (0-200). sACN receptive devices will automatically listen for the highest priority number received and respond to that signal. In this way, multiple consoles can be running on a network at the same time and can automatically take over from one another. Each sACN universe can have its own Priority configured in each Desk Universe panel, or can be set to use the “Default priority” listed in the sACN panel.

IP Address

The IP address options will allow you to configure your sACN network settings. You can choose between using a DHCP address, or a static IP address.

sACN will be set to DHCP by default.

Take a look at the short video below for an explanation of sACN...

Once you have transmitted your sACN data from the console, you can then send it to your fixtures over Ethernet. Often, sACN universes are then converted back to DMX universes, using an Ethernet to DMX Gateway.

Zero 88 manufacture Gateway 4 and Gateway 8 Ethernet to DMX Gateways.

Click here to head to the Gateway 4 page.

Click here to head to the Gateway 8 page.

Watch the video here for an overview of Gateway 4 and Gateway 8.

Take a look at the session below for an introduction to streaming ACN...