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This is a list of shortcuts you can use on the console. Explanations of each function are described in their relevant sections of the manual.

Shifted playback button function

Shift + Playback Button

Record All

Shift + Record

Move To

Shift + Copy

Jump to MFF Page 1

Page Up + Page Down

Snap to previous cue

Shift + Pause

Clear manual values, leaving selection

Shift + Clear

Fan parameters

Shift + dial encoder


Shift + Home


Shift + ->


Shift + <-

Select fixtures above 0%

Enter Enter

Select All Fixtures

1 Thru Enter

100% Intensity

@ @

0% Intensity

@ .


Shift + Z

Show Output Window

(or reverse cycle desktops with external monitor enabled)

Shift + View

Release a playback

Clear + Playback Button

Release all playbacks (except Master)

Clear + Fader Funct.

Tag/Untag an attribute

Clear + Attribute Key

Bring parameter onto command line

Shift + tap parameter name

Tag/Untag a parameter

Clear + jog an encoder

Home an attribute

Attribute Key + Home

Playback Settings

Setup+ Playback Button

Attribute Settings

Setup + Attribute Key

UDK Settings

Setup + UDK


<- + -> + Enter

Name a group, palette or playback

Setup + tap