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Software Updates

ZerOS is the operating software installed on all FLX Range consoles. It is regularly updated to bring new features and to keep your console stable and secure. It is strongly recommended to always be running the latest release of ZerOS.

Installation instructions are included in the release notes, also available from the ZerOS page above.

Please familiarise yourself with these update instructions before proceeding. Instructions must be followed accurately and in order. Deviations or omissions could render the desk unusable and require it to be returned to the factory for recovery.

If any difficulties are encountered at any point, or you are in doubt on any of the instructions below, then do not proceed any further with the update and contact Zero 88 for assistance.

The software installation process completely removes all data on the console, including any current show files. If the current show file is still required, please ensure that backups are taken before proceeding with the update. After completing the update, you may re-load your show if required. When performing a software update it is important to ensure that the power supply to your desk is stable and reliable. Power loss during a software update can render your desk unusable.