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ZerOS USB Creator


We occasionally hear from users who are struggling to upgrade their ZerOS consoles via a bootable USB stick.

Bootable USB devices are notoriously difficult to identify - some USB memory sticks are natively bootable, others take a little configuration, whilst some cannot be made to boot.

If your ZerOS console is failing to boot into the ZerOS Installer on the USB drive, try the steps below:


Run the ZerOS USB Creator for Windows, and click Next.


When you're on the Select Device screen, push and hold SHIFT whilst clicking the Next button. The USB install maker will ask you to select OK to confirm you wish to set the Master Boot Record. Note that this can render some USB sticks unusable, so only use this if you have a dedicated stick for software upgrades.


Select an MBR Image (start with A, if that doesn't work, try B)

Push OK and your stick will be formatted - the tool will then prompt you to remove and reinsert the stick.

After this, try running through the normal upgrade procedure and the stick should work as expected.