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Technical Information

FLX & ZerOS Server

Mains Inlet

FLX & ZerOS Server are fitted with a Neutrik PowerCON TRUE1 (NAC3MPX) mains inlet on the back panel, and power on/off switch.

The internal fuse is not user replaceable, contact an authorized service agent if the desk does not power up and you suspect that the fuse has failed. When using a UK style plug (BS 1363), a 5A fuse should be fitted.

USB ports

Five external USB ports are fitted on the FLX. Two located on the rear of the console, one on the front panel, and one on either side. Three external USB ports are fitted to ZerOS Server. Two located on the rear of the server and one on the front. These support the USB 2.0 standard, and are “overload protected” in pairs. If a USB device tries drawing too much power, ZerOS will disable that pair or ports until the device is unplugged.

USB ports can be used for:

  • Wings
  • Keyboard & Mouse
  • External Touchscreen (DVI-D also required)
  • External Storage Devices (such as Memory Sticks)
  • USB Desk Lights


FLX & ZerOS Server is fitted with a Neutrik etherCON RJ45 Ethernet port and is capable of supporting various Ethernet protocols.


Kensington Lock

A Kensington-style lock slot is provided on FLX & ZerOS Server for securing the console to an operating location, using a standard laptop lock cable.


Sound to Light

A stereo ¼” jack socket provides basic Sound to Light functionality. Left and right channels are mixed internally.


DMX output

Two female Neutrik 5 pin XLR, isolated, with voltage protection and data output indicator. Data on channels 1 – 512. RDM support included.  

Flx Straight On With Monitor Transparent Small 2

Video output

1 x DVI-I female connector, but DVI-D output only.



2 x 5-pin DIN female connectors providing MIDI input and MIDI thru. 


Remote input

A 9-pin D-Sub female connector providing 8 remote switches (common ground). Short pin 1-8 to pin 9 (common) to simulate a button push. 



A phoenix connector is provided to connect to the CAN network.