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Technical Information

FLX S24 & FLX S48

Power supply

FLX S is supplied with an external power supply, which is connected to FLX S via a 2.1mm DC barrel connector (center positive).

12V DC; MAX 1.25A, 15W

The approved Zero 88 power supply included with FLX S should always be used. This power supply should be earthed. Spares / replacements can be ordered. For more information click here.

USB ports

Two USB 2.0 ports are provided - one on the rear, one on the front panel. USB ports can be used for:

  • Keyboard & Mouse (mouse on external monitor only)
  • Touchscreen (DVI-D also required, FLX S48 only)
  • External Storage Devices (such as Memory Sticks)


An Ethernet port (RJ45) is provided for connecting Apps to FLX S over WiFi, or connecting FLX S to Ethernet based lighting rigs. The Ethernet connection is designed to be used within a dedicated, local lighting network.

DMX output

Two female Neutrik XLR are provided. 1 x 5 pin connector, and 1 x 3pin connector. These both output Universe 1, unless the FLX S console has been upgraded to 2 universes. 


Kensington Lock

A Kensington-style lock slot is provided on FLX S for securing the console to an operating location, using a standard laptop lock cable. 

Flx S48 Front Rgb 10 19

Video output

1 x DVI-D connector, on FLX S48 only.