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Trouble Shooting

Reporting a problem

Before reporting a problem to Zero 88, please obtain as many of the following pieces of information as possible:

  • The console’s current software version
  • A copy of the current showfile
  • Details of what you were doing at the time, or which playback / palette etc is affected.
  • If the console has crashed or frozen, the console will offer you a debug file the next time you turn it on.

Support requests can be submitted to

For more urgent requests, please contact Zero 88 by telephone on +44 (0)1633 838088 – 24 hour answer service available.

If you have reported a problem by email or on the forum, please bear with us as our response may take a few days if your problem is complex. It is also worth checking other posts on the forum to see if the fault is already reported / fixed before contacting Zero 88. If you suspect that your problem is software related, please always check that you are running the latest software version.

This can be found at


In the unlikely event you experience a software issue with ZerOS, upon booting your console, or whilst using the console, you may receive this message.

This message is nothing to worry about, however ZerOS has found something that doesn't look right. If you have a USB stick to hand, please click OK, and then choose to save the debug file (.zdb) to your USB stick.

This debug file contains important information about the behaviour of your desk, and what caused the software issue. Providing this file to the Zero 88 support team can help us to improve the console's performance to ensure that the crashes do not occur in future software releases.

At the next available opportunity, please insert the USB memory stick into your computer and email the file to with a little information about what you were doing when the issue occurred.

The file written to your memory stick is a .zdb file (ZerOS DeBug) and will have the date and time in the file. You can rename it to something you think is more useful if you wish.

By sending us the file, you'll be helping to improve ZerOS for every user, so thank you!