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Trouble Shooting

ZerOS Startup Tool

In the unlikely event your ZerOS console fails to boot, there is a recovery method using the Startup Tool.

Plug in a USB keyboard, and turn your console on. Immediately keep tapping the F1 key.

Zeros Startup Tool

The Startup Tool screen should then display.

The first thing to do, is remove the current show file on the console. This may have corrupted, and be causing the console to fail to boot.

If you need the current show, first plug in a USB stick, and then click Backup Desk State to USB.

Then click Clear Show Data, and restart your console.

If you reboot the console and it still doesn't finish booting, switch off the console, and boot into Startup Tool again by tapping the F1 key during boot. Then perform a fresh software install, which should recover the console.

Once downloaded, extract/unzip the software to the root of a USB stick, and plug into the console. 

Then choose Update Software in the Startup tool. This will give you a warning, where you can click OK. You will then be able to select a software file (.exe) from a USB stick to reinstall the software. Again this will remove the show file.