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Advanced UDKs



To access the Park/Unpark functions, hold Setup and tap an empty UDK. It is common to configure the Normal UDK function to be Park, and the Shifted UDK function to be Unpark. After choosing Park and Unpark, click OK.


In the Faders window, the normal Park function will be shown, on the onscreen UDK, with the shifted Unpark function shown in (brackets).

This UDK can then be used to Park or Unpark your selected fixtures or cells. Parking, is a method of temporarily "freezing" the DMX output to a fixture or cell, "parking" it in its current values. Neither manual control, or any cues or channel data UDKs will be able to control parked fixtures or cells. The Grand Master and Blackout will also not affect a parked fixture or cell. To regain control, the fixture or cell can be unparked.

To park fixtures or cells in their current values, select them, and tap your park UDK.


When a fixture is parked, its intensity percentage will be displayed in black in the Output window with a red background, as can be seen for fixture 5 in the image.

If the Output window is showing Sources rather than Intensities, "PARKED" will be displayed for the fixture. Parked fixtures will also be noted with "PK" at the start of their row in the parameter table at the bottom of the Output window, when the fixture is selected or tagged.

Whilst a fixture or cell is parked, it is still possible to modify the values associated with the fixture or cell in cues and palettes etc but the output values from the console will not change. You can therefore continuing to program parked fixtures or cells "blind".

To unpark a fixture or cell, select it and then hold Shift and tap the Park UDK. The fixture or cell will then jump to its currently defined parameter levels.

To find out more about parking, watch the quick video below...