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User Definable Keys

Shortcut UDKs

A UDK can be configured as a shortcut to a Group, Palette, or Macro. To do this, firstly make sure the Group / Palette / Macro is recorded first.

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Group UDK

Group UDKs are used for selecting a group. When the UDK is pressed, the group assigned to the UDK is selected – this is equivalent of selecting the Group within the Group Window. Selecting a group should not be confused with changing the intensity of those fixtures.

To record a Group UDK, type in your group, tap record, and then tap a UDK. For example:

Group 1 Record UDK2

This records a shortcut to Group 1 onto the second UDK.

Palette UDK

The Palette UDK can be used as an alternative method of outputting a palette for the currently selected fixtures. The palette assigned to the UDK is applied to the selected fixtures when the UDK is pressed. If Programmer Time is enabled, the palette will fade in over the programmer time.

To record a Palette UDK, type in your palette, tap record, and then tap a UDK. For example:

Colour 2 0 Record UDK3

This records a shortcut to Colour 20 onto the third UDK. This syntax is available for all palette types; Colour, Beam, Shape, Position and Effect.

Macro UDK

The Macro UDK is used to run the user defined macro assigned to the UDK. The macro is run by pressing the UDK.

To record a Macro UDK, type in your macro, tap record, and then tap a UDK. For example:

Macro 1 4 Record UDK3

This records a shortcut to Macro 20 onto the third UDK. 


MFF Window

The Faders window will display shortcut UDKs with the specified shortcut displayed, and the name of the group, palette, macro or fixture below. A shortcut for colour palette 10 "Blue" has been configured on UDK 2 in this picture.


Page Lock

By default, Shortcut UDKs will be page locked, meaning whichever playback page you're on, that UDK will remain with your configured shortcut. However page lock can be disabled, giving you a maximum of 40 shortcuts, across the 10 playback pages.

To configure a shortcut UDK's page lock, hold Setup, and tap your Shortcut UDK. You can then use the Page Lock drop down, and click OK.