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Z Key

System Information


Tapping the "System Information" button in the Z window, will open the System Information window. The first tab you will be viewing is the Desk Info screen. This lists information such as your current software version and current library version installed on the console. If you contact Zero 88 support, we will probably ask you to let us know the information displayed here.


The next tab from the top of the System Information window, is Network Overview. This will list any network protocols that are enabled, and their IP addresses. Connections such as "Remote", will also state the current number of active connections.

The console's MAC address will also be displayed here.


The System Info screen will show you the hardware details of your console, including processor load and CPU temperature. This is a little bit like Task Manager on windows.


System Text allows you to access the initialisation text displayed when booting the console, saving shows, loading shows, and exiting Setup.


Event Monitor will display button presses and fader levels received by ZerOS. Useful for giving your console a quick check to ensure all front panel controls are registering correctly.

Event Monitor will also display Remote Switch, MIDI Notes and MIDI Show Control commands the console is receiving.


Licences allows you to view the End User Licence Agreement, and other licence texts.


DMX Outputs allows you to view the raw DMX values for every channel on every patched universe being sent from the console. Static values are displayed with a dark background, whereas rising values are displayed in blue, and falling values are displayed green.