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Z Key

Z Encoders


When in the Z window, your encoder wheels have four functions; Intensity, Speed Override, Global BPM and Programmer Time. These are explained below...


This encoder is available when fixtures are selected, and can be used to alter the intensities of all the selected fixtures. This intensity adjustment is relative, which means that if a range of fixtures are selected with different original values, the movement of the encoder will be applied to each fixture individually (eg each fixture will increase or decrease by a percentage from its original value).

If required, rather than needing to tap Z each time to access the intensity wheel, Intensity can be locked to the first encoder wheel so it is always displayed when fixtures are selected. To do this tap Setup -> Settings and Enable "Always Display Intensity Encoder" under the Attributes section.

Speed Override

The Speed Override encoder is used to override the current crossfades occurring on the currently viewed playback. If Speed Override is not displayed, this means your Cues window is currently viewing an empty playback. To view a playback, press and hold View and tap the button of the playback you wish to view.

By default, Override is set to 50% to give “normal” crossfades. Deviating the level above 50% will increase the crossfade speed proportionally and reducing the level below 50% will slow down the fade proportionally. Fully clockwise will snap the cue, and fully anti-clockwise will pause the cue. Pressing the middle button returns the Speed Override back to 50%. Speed Override can also be used to speed up or slow down effects running on the currently viewed playback.

Global BPM

The Global BPM encoder is used to adjust the Global BPM (beats per minute) speed from 1 to 600 BPM. The central button acts as a Tap Tempo, and the encoder can be dialled to speed up / slow down the current Tap Tempo. Any chase can be set to use the “Global BPM” rather than its own individual BPM.

Programmer Time

When enabled, Programmer Time will apply a fade to live commands in the programmer. This fade time can then be applied to anything in the programmer, ideal for “busking” shows. The encoder will allow you to set any value between 0.0 (snap) and 11:30.0. This time is displayed just above the encoder on the touch screen. To enable the Programmer Time function, press the middle button of the encoder. Now, activating palettes, changing intensities via syntax, clearing the programmer, releasing playbacks, Highlight & Rem Dim etc will all take the time set on the encoder, rather than happening instantly.

Programmer Time is an ideal tool to use for busking. Take a look at the video for a quick explanation of the term busking in the world of lighting.