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ZerOS Wing

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ZerOS Wing has been designed to be simple and quick to setup and use. There are no settings, no configuration and no difficult connections. Just plug in via USB and any ZerOS console, or Phantom ZerOS on PC, and it is instantly upgraded.

It is always recommended to ensure your console is running the latest software. You must be running ZerOS 7.9.2 or later to use ZerOS Wings.


A single button switches quickly between ‘Channels’ and ‘Playbacks’ at any time, and the ‘Page Up’ and ‘Page Down’ buttons are used to either switch between all patched channels on the console, or each page of playbacks. When multiple wings are used, simply setup each Wing onto a different page.

Using ZerOS Wing with FLX

ZerOS Wing has been designed to complement the aesthetic and physical design of the FLX lighting console. Accessories are available to raise ZerOS Wing behind FLX and mechanically connect ZerOS Wing to the side of a FLX console, or to another ZerOS Wing. Up to six ZerOS Wings can be used simultaneously with FLX or ZerOS Server. A maximum of one ZerOS Wing can be mechanically connected to either side of the FLX lighting console, and up to four ZerOS Wings can be mechanically connected together and placed behind FLX, as shown.

Flx With 6 Zeros Wings
Wing Fig 1

Adding feet to raise ZerOS Wing behind FLX

When using ZerOS Wings behind FLX, feet are available which raise ZerOS Wing to match the rear of the console. These are available in packs of four (order code 0021- 000006-00). These feet simply screw into the bottom of ZerOS Wing, as shown.

Wing Fig 2

Mechanically connecting ZerOS Wing to FLX

To mechanically connect two ZerOS Wings, or a ZerOS Wing to a FLX, coupling brackets are required (order code 0021-000005-00). First, remove the two mating sides by removing the four screws, as shown.  

Wing Fig 3

Choose the rear coupling bracket (the right angular piece) and place it up against the console and wing. The screws required are already in the console, so you’ll need to remove these, place the bracket in place, and then screw them back in. There are two in the rear of the console, and four into the top lip.

Wing Fig 4

Now choose the front coupling bracket and place it along the front of the console. The open edge should go against the vertical edge of the console. Two screws under the lip will need to be removed, and then replaced with the bracket in place. The other four screws are included within the bracket pack.