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Zero 88 FLX lights Aladdin at Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Friday 18th January, 2019

FLX chosen to operate Wardens Theatre Company’s sell-out spectacular panto “Aladdin”.

Stephen Griffiths

Lighting Designer and Programmer Grant Barden chose FLX to operate Wardens Theatre Company’s sell-out spectacular panto “Aladdin” at the award winning Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Wales’ largest arts centre which has been recognised as a 'national flagship for the arts'.

When choosing which console to use, Grant explained “the ability to light over Tech Rehearsals and to keep up with the action was vital. The mechanics of recording the cues needed to be instinctive”. FLX certainly didn’t disappoint, with Grant adding, “I had recently been impressed by the ease of use and range of features of FLX. I wanted to see how it would cope with a larger rig and the demands of 350+ cues in two hours and fifteen minutes. Patching, plotting, groups, palettes, recording and updating were all straight forward and intuitive. I was particularly impressed by the ease with which I could create and modify complex dynamic effects across multiple fixtures.”

The rig consisted of 28 moving heads and 12 LEDs, along with a full rig of generics, star cloth, practicals and smoke effects. Grant concludes “The FLX methodology seemed to match my thought processes even under pressure.”

Production: Aladdin
Director: Richard Cheshire
Lighting Designer: Grant Barden
Photographer: Stephen Griffiths
Company: Wardens Theatre Company
Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre