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Alphapack 2

Legacy product

Alphapack 2 range are 3 channel fully portable dimmer units, which can be safely secured to a stand or wall with the use a mounting bracket. One of our most popular dimmers, the Alphapack 2 finds uses in all areas of the lighting industry. Rental, display, education, event services and live music users have all found the Alphapack 2 to be a perfect solution. The local fader controls make the Alphapack 2 ideal for ‘fit and forget’ situations, as well as allowing use as a follow spot dimmer.

This compact and rugged unit has 3 faders for local control, or can be controlled remotely as part of a larger lighting system. The Alphapack 2 offers both analogue and DMX control inputs providing maximum flexibility for a great price. A unique safety system and overload protection circuit means that the Alphapack 2 provides an extremely safe and reliable solution to small dimming applications, never allowing the dimmer loads to draw more current than is available from the supply.


Part Code Name
00-620-00 Wall / stand bracket (with U bolt) Request quote

Spare Parts

Part Code Name
1722-000006-00 60mm Fader - short tang (MFFs)
5442000 Soft Touch Fader Cap (Wide) - Black/White