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Installation Power Switching and Dimming

Today’s performance installations demand that lighting control intelligence can operate building wide. Chilli Pro have been designed from the start with this in mind and can deliver outstanding performance dimming.

Chilli Pro is a range of high density wall mounted convection cooled power switching and dimming cabinets. Quick to install and set up, easy to operate and maintain; Chilli Pros are the workhorse of any hard working professional venue.

Chilli Pros are available in 12 and 24 channel packages featuring 10 or 16 Amp load capacities with optional RCD protection, relay channels, bypass switches and RCBOs, contained in a slim line wall mounting enclosure.

The user interface and backlit LCD screen on each dimmer ensure simple convenient set up for DMX patching, preheat, topset and dimmer curves and for peace of mind, the user interface and all breakers are also protected by a lockable breaker cover.

A choice of responses to DMX failure, backup memories, built in chases and an alarm input trigger complete the versatile Chilli dimming package.


  • Single Pole Neutral Disconnect breakers per channel
  • Automatic frequency tracking
  • 100% Duty Cycle, convection cooled
  • Simple user interface
  • Variable level channel test
  • 4 dimmer laws selectable per channel
  • Preheat per channel
  • Topset per channel
  • DMX & ChilliNet control inputs
  • DMX addressing per channel
  • RDM enabled
  • Built in, switchable, DMX line termination
  • User defined back up memory
  • Easy wall installation
  • Common service applications need only a screwdriver
  • UK designed and built
  • 3 year warranty
  • CE compliant to all relevant standards
  • Designed and manufactured to ISO9001:2015 standards

Channel options

Chilli Pro is available in a range of different control variants including:



Chilli Pro include, as standard, theatrical leading edge phase-cut dimming, optionally delivered as a mixture of dimming and hot power switches to suit the requirements of todays mixed lighting systems.


Category Power Chilli Relays

A 4 channel optional relay card may be retrofitted to Chilli Pro to allow remotely controlled power switching via DMX. Relays can be used to control effects or to power intelligent fixtures including LED’s, projectors and other non-dim loads.

Bypass Switches

Category Power Chilli Bypass Switches

Individual dimming channels can be switched to deliver mains power for intelligent fixtures, LED’s, projectors and other non-dim loads - save wiring, simplify your set up and allows you to connect your fixtures exactly where you want them. This “hot power” override brings peace of mind with a lockable door and viewing windows.


Chilli Pro are available with MCBs or, depending on the variant, RBCOs per circuit. Chilli Pro is optionally available with RCB protection on the input.


Category Power Chilli Mcbs And Rcbos

Individual channels are protected by “Miniature Circuit Breakers” (MCBs) as standard. MCB’s are “C” curve with built in Neutral disconnection; one standard for use in all 230v markets.



12 channel units can be upgraded to Eaton RCBOs (“Residual Current Breakers with Overload protection”). RCBOs are a combination of an RCD and MCB, providing over-current protection and earth fault current protection for each individual circuit, ensuring faults only interrupt individual circuits.


Category Power Chilli Rcds

“Residual Current Devices” (RCDs) monitor the incoming supply, detect earth leakage, and break the incoming circuit if a fault is detected. RCD's are required as standard in some countries. Individual channel RCBOs can alternatively be considered for 12 channel units.

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Part Code Name
0011-000013-00 Chilli Pro 12 - 10A MCBs: Standard Request quote
0011-000016-00 Chilli Pro 12 - 16A MCBs: Standard Request quote
0011-000014-00 Chilli Pro 12 - 10A MCBs + RCD: Standard Request quote
0011-000018-00 Chilli Pro 12 - 16A RCBOs: Standard Request quote
0001-000019-00 Chilli Pro 12 - 10A MCBs + RCD: With Bypass Request quote
0001-000023-00 Chilli Pro 12 - 16A RCBOs: With Bypass Request quote
0011-000004-00 Chilli Pro 24 - 10A MCBs: Standard Request quote
0011-000006-00 Chilli Pro 24 - 16A MCBs: Standard Request quote
0011-000005-00 Chilli Pro 24 - 10A MCBs + RCD: Standard Request quote
0001-000016-00 Chilli Pro 24 - 10A MCBs: With Bypass Request quote
0001-000017-00 Chilli Pro 24 - 10A MCBs + RCD: With Bypass Request quote
0001-000015-00 Chilli Pro 24 - 16A MCBs + RCD: With Bypass Request quote

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