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The ID1216 and ID625 are capable of dimming 12 channels of 16 amp and 6 channels of 25 amp respectively. Connections are provided for DMX In, DMX Thru and Analogue In. DMX and Analogue inputs may be used simultaneously.

Three levels of operation are possible, allowing full, restricted or locked access to the controls. In addition, the dimmer has 10 memories which can be pre-programmed with adjustable fade times. These can be used as backup memories or to provide “stand alone” operation. Built-in fault diagnosis and test features are also provided to confirm the operation of the dimmer and the inputs.

Simple operation is achieved through the use of a two line backlit LCD Display and key pad. All the dimmer’s features may be accessed and edited via an easy to follow menu system.


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Varta Mempac 3.6v 150mAh Battery