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Chilli (MK1 & MK2)

Legacy product

The Zero 88 Chilli dimming range offers a number of functions, including a variety of playback methods, network capability, and comprehensive configuration options. Designed to work ‘out of the box’, the intuitive Chilli user interface allows operators to quickly set up and operate the dimmers, minimising valuable on site installation and commissioning time.

For the current Chilli Pro range of dimmers, click here.

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Part Code Name
Chilli 1210i
Chilli 1216i
Chilli 2410i
Chilli Pro 410i
Chilli Pro 410 HF
Chilli Pro 625i
Chilli Pro 1210i
Chilli Pro 1210 HF
Chilli Pro 1216i
Chilli Pro 2410i
Chilli Pro 2416i