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Hawth Theatre

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Performing Arts

Crawley, West Sussex

Technical upgrades to both the main space and studio.

210 channels of dimming across both venues - 8 x Chilli Pro 24 Bypass dimmer racks, 1 x Chilli Pro 12 (HF) and 1 x Chilli Pro 6 (25A).

Zero 88 was chosen due to the sensible price point and the flexibility. The solution was seen as far simpler and more reliable than the alternatives.

As part of a busy summer, Illuminate Design completed a number of technical upgrades at the Hawth Theatre, Crawley.

Working with the Hawth’s Technical Manager (Quentin Whitaker), Illuminate Design’s Technical Sales Manager Ken Berreen, and Operations Director Andrew Wales, designed & installed new Sound, Lighting and Rigging solutions for the venue.

We chose these units due to the sensible price point and the flexibility without having to swap over the modules - all you need to do is flick the switch over to make the unit hard power. Far simpler and reliable.

Ben Payne, Director, Illuminate Design

Lighting upgrades included 186 channels of dimming - 7 x 24 channel Zero 88 Chilli Bypass dimmer racks, plus 1 x 6 channel 25A rack, along with 1 x 12 channel HF Dimmer. The studio also now has 24 channels of Zero 88 Chilli Bypass dimming.

Commenting on the upgrades Ken Berreen said: “It’s been fantastic to provide such a comprehensive range of technical solutions to a regionally important venue.

We have worked hand in hand with the staff of the venue to provide them with the systems that they required to move forward with new levels of production standards.”

Venue Technical Manager Quentin Whitaker said: “It’s proper ace! The Illuminate Design team of Ken and Andrew have been fantastic over the whole project. From every demo, question and change we have made they have been so helpful, and accommodating to what we have tried to achieve.”

The Zero brand is reliable and from the view of the theatre perfectly suitable for what they wanted! Plus the level of support and assistance they knew they would get from us and the Zero 88 Team, made a big difference.

Ben Payne, Director, Illuminate Design

Products used

Projects Product Chilli Dimmers 600x200px
Chilli Pro

A range of high density wall mounted convection cooled power switching and dimming cabinets. Quick to install and set up, easy to operate and maintain.

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Projects Product Chilli Switches 600x200px
Channel Options

Available in a range of different control variants optionally delivered as a mixture of dimming and hot power switches for todays mixed lighting systems.

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Projects Product Chilli Protection 600x200px

Chilli Pro are available with MCBs or, depending on the variant, RBCOs per circuit. Chilli Pro is optionally available with RCB protection on the input.

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Performing Arts

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Zero 88 would like to thank Quentin Whitaker of Hawth Theatre, Ben Payne of Illuminate Design, Andrew Wales and Ken Bereen.

Photos courtesy of Hawth Theatre

First published 2015