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The Bakewell Bake Off

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Performing Arts

Clapham, London

In one of London’s most adventurous and attractive little theatres.

Focussed on producing musical theatre productions in an intimate environment.

ORB XF lighting console and Chilli dimmers used to control & power a mixed rig including a selection of moving profiles and washes.

Richard Lambert of LAMBCO Lighting chose Zero 88 for "ease of use and speed".

Focussed on producing musical theatre productions in an intimate environment. The Landor Theatre, located on the first floor of The Landor Pub in Clapham, is considered one of London’s most adventurous and attractive little theatres.

What began as the Cage Theatre in 1994 became Upstairs At The Landor in 1995, and then The Landor Theatre following a refit of the building in 1998.

The 60 seat Theatre focuses primarily on producing and housing musical theatre productions in an intimate environment where you’re never more than three rows away from the heart of the action.

Guildford School of Acting

Cooked up the production

With the popularity of The Great British Bake Off, a group of budding musical theatre stars from the Guildford School of Acting cooked up a production to take advantage of the public’s renewed love for baking.

Take seven eager contestants, three feuding judges and one bewildered hostess, add flour, eggs and sugar and mix together in a small village in the Derbyshire town of Bakewell. Add the pressure of a baking competition and you’ve got a recipe for a hilarious musical comedy.


Lighting the Show

Lighting for the Bakewell Bake Off was designed by Richard Lambert of LAMBCO Lighting with Associate LD Maximilien Spielbichler and Assistant LD Nathan Kinnaird.

They used a Zero 88 Orb XF Lighting Console to control DTS Jack Spots and Nick Wash units on the show, plus Zero 88 Chilli Dimmer Packs.

Richard explains that the Lighting design was based around lighting the Baking Competition to create Bakewell’s signature recipe to satisfy European Standards so a local village annual baking competition switches into top gear when the stakes become high.

The show switches in and out of Imaginative Musical theatre numbers - transporting us from a Village Hall into the imaginations of each of the characters. Although the story behind the Baking Competition is simple enough, the characters involved all have their own background stories which impact on their decisions and approach to their baking solutions. “This is the fun of the show” explains Richard, “It allows free reign to be imaginative with the lighting design where the lights and video transform the venue outside the village hall. Maximilien Spielbichler added in the creative video content on a Media Server, all driven from the Orb XF”.

"The fast easy access to the fixtures and Command Syntax of only 2 button presses creates the Cue, puts you in the Cue and Opens the Name Text Field for the Cue. While the Orb XF was chosen for ease of use and speed, and the DTS Jack and Nick fixtures were chosen for low power, light weight and great optics”.

The beauty is being able to setup the TouchScreens topographically to represent the lighting rig.

Richard Lambert, LAMBCO Lighting

Products used

Projects Product Orb Xf 600x200px

The legacy ORB series of lighting control desks came from a heritage of control system development which spanned almost 15 years.

Superseded by FLX
Projects Product Zeros Software 600x200px

ZerOS Remote enables wireless control of your rig, allowing you to manipulate, control and playback your shows from your smart phone or tablet.

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Projects Product Chilli Dimmers 600x200px
Chilli Pro

A range of high density wall mounted convection cooled power switching and dimming cabinets. Quick to install and set up, easy to operate and maintain.

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Zero 88 would like to thank Richard Lambert of LAMBCO Lighting, The Baking Committee, and The Albany Theatre.

Photos courtesy of Maximilien Spielbichler

First published 2013