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  1. Kirkup_xp's post in iPhone apps was marked as the answer   
    Hi Pat,
    We have no plans of offering an iPhone app for the Jester TLXtra or any of the Jester range - these products do not feature Ethernet capabilities so adding an app would involve a complete redesign of the product.
    I hope this helps,
  2. Kirkup_xp's post in One shot chase was marked as the answer   
    Hi Karl
    Thanks for the suggestion - we've logged it in our project planning software and it will be considered for a future release. Reference JES-2766.
    I hope this helps,
  3. Kirkup_xp's post in Recording Memories from Subs was marked as the answer   
    Hi Karl
    When you move from Run mode to Program Mode on the Jester TL(and TLXtra), the outputs of your channels and fixtures do not change. Therefore, you can set up scenes and tags as required in Run mode, then jump into Program mode to record the cue. So yes, what you ask for is achievable.
    I hope this helps - if you'd like any more information about the TL or TLXtra, don't hesitate to let me know,
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