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  2. Hi @Malvern To best answer both of your questions, it may be easiest to see a copy of your show file. Please feel free to email us a copy to support@zero88.com, to allow us to help further. Please detail which fixture numbers, and which playback numbers you are referring to. Presuming the effect is recorded on a playback fader, firstly raise the playback fader. Using the channel buttons, select the light that is yellow. Using the colour controls, set it back to white. Then tap UPDATE, and tap the playback's button below its fader, to store the updated colour information. It sounds like these playbacks are not mixing how you want them to. This probably means there is information recorded in the cues that shouldn't be. The video below explains in detail how you can mix playbacks together... If you have any questions, please let us know. Edward
  3. Hi Stefan, If you wish to "fade in" and effect, you can use the "Fader Controls Effect" option in a playback's settings. This allows a playback's fader to control the intensity, speed, and size of the effect recorded on it. This is ideal if you have your fixtures in a position, and you want to add movement subtly by fading in the effect. To control just the speed of a recorded effect, you can configure a Speed Override fader. To do this, hold SETUP and tap an empty playback. Choose Speed Override and click OK. Then move this fader to 50%. This Speed Override fader can now control the speed of any playback. To choose a playback, press and hold VIEW, and tap a playback's button. The Speed Override fader can then speed up or slow down effects on the chosen playback, by raising or lowering the Speed Override fader. I'd recommend watching the video below, to make sure you're getting the most out of effects... The "Offset By Group" option may help achieve what you're after. We'd certainly like to improve the effects in ZerOS. If improved effects in ZerOS are a high-priority for you, please vote for "Improve Effects Engine" using the poll on the link below... I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions. Edward
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  5. 2 questions 1 how do I edit an effect I ve got 4 moving heads 3 of them in white one gone rogue in yellow the effect is circle. Every time I update the fader it goes back to yellow.. 2 I've got a sub fader with 2 cues with moving heads going up on one cue and going down on the other. Working fine. on the main stack the cue is blue working fine. When I introduce the sub with the main stack all of a sudden pale blue appears. I've tried several times to get rid of the pale blue but again can't get rid. Hope this all makes sense
  6. Hi everybody, I asked for this issue some years ago and now it´s time to ask again. The effect engine has a huge amount of predefined effects .. (thx for that) .. BUT .. if I want to run live shows I'm really limited in controlling parameters. A simple example ... A Pan/Tilt-circle is running and you want to control speed or/and size. To change size and speed at the same time, you can assign it to the fader. But there is no possibility to program the size- and speed-parameter on separate faders (or I don´t know how to). The only way to control speed individual is the chaser (tap), but that makes no sence for movements ... The second issue is the Offset in effects.... The Solution and FLX S supports no possibitity selecting and monitoring the offset in a detailed way. Programming with this feature feels always like try and error. Is it planned to improve the effect section in a way, that the parameter can be kept separate and the offset is more flexible and values are transparent? Am I the only operator to have this features on the wishlist for ZerOS? For our information: I´m running shows on an old Leap Frog 24 and FLX S desks... Best regards Stefan
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  8. That would be very helpful. Feel free to email support@zero88.com if that's easier. Edward
  9. Not yet, I'll try this. later today I can send you some screenshots of what is happening
  10. thanks!! that'll do the job
  11. Hi @Ed75 If the Solution and FLX S48 network settings are configured identically, and you simply plug the Solution into your PC rather than the FLX S48, the Remote app connection should work on both consoles. Have you ever used the network connection on your Solution console? If not, it would be worth pinging the console from your PC, to check the network interface is working correctly. Edward
  12. Hi @Ed75 On Solution consoles, you can configure an empty playback fader to control the Programmer Time, in the same way you can on FLX S48. Hope this helps, Edward
  13. Same (stupid?) question for the Solution. Where to find it? Glance through the manual does not help till now...
  14. Just did, it didn't do the job. For now, I do not use the desks together on the same network.
  15. My very bad, of course. didn't click it............
  16. Hi @Ed75 Have you enabled Programmer Time? If you are on FLX S, tap the Z/Shift key to access Programmer Time on the fourth encoder wheel. You can then click the fourth encoder's button, to enable/disable Programmer Time. If Programmer Time has been configured onto a playback, the playback's button will enable/disable Programmer Time. Edward
  17. Hi @Ed75 If it works fine on your FLX S48, please ensure the Remote connection on your Solution is using the same IP address as your FLX S48. If you want to have both the FLX S48 and Solution on the same network, change one of their IP addresses by 1. Edward
  18. It seems since my upgrade to 7.13 the "programmer time" function doesn't work anymore? it keeps 'snapping' instead of using the amount of time I put on the wheel. Both on FLXS as on the Solution. Tomorrow I 'll start pre-programming a tour, which should really be up and running coming saturday. (last minute job) I guess I will be correcting and busking at least the first show. Would be very nice if the programmer time works.
  19. I just connected the FLXS . works fine. Also running 7.13 (the same version as on the Solution)
  20. Hi Edward, I do not see these options. I connect via ethernet, on a windows 10 laptop. Which setup worked flawlessly with my FLXS . (before I installed the last version of Zeros monitor it did) I have to check if it still works now. I hope I have time for this today.
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  22. Bonjour Delphine, Nous sommes désolés d'apprendre que vous avez rencontré ces problèmes avec votre console. Il semble y avoir quelque chose dans votre système qui cause des interférences importantes, ce qui provoque le blocage du panneau avant pendant que ZerOS continue de fonctionner. Si vous exécutez la console sans connexion USB, Ethernet ou DMX, voyez-vous également ces problèmes ? Utilisez-vous le bloc d'alimentation FLX S d'origine ? Selon la question de Kevin, utilisez-vous le logiciel ZerOS 7.13 ? Veuillez nous faire savoir si vous avez des questions. Edward
  23. Hi @Ed75 Upon connecting ZerOS Monitor to your Solution, you should see the screen below... This allows you to choose which desktop to view. After choosing a desktop, you can then use the desktop switcher bottom-left of the screen to change desktop. Are you running ZerOS Monitor on Windows, iPadOS, or Android? Are you connecting to the console via Wi-Fi or Ethernet? If you are connecting wirelessly, does your device have strong signal? Let us know if you have any questions. Edward
  24. Retirez toutes les clés USB. Quelle version de ZerOS ? Avez-vous changé quelque chose récemment (matériel/logiciel) qui aurait pu déclencher les problèmes ? Remove any USB sticks. What ZerOS version? Did you change anything recently (hardware / software) that may have triggered the problems?
  25. Bonjour, Help ! Je commence à être desespérée. Cette console n'est vraiment pas sûre. Elle se fige, je ne sais pas pourquoi ? J'ai voulu commencer un show et juste avant de l'envoyer, public en salle,... Elle se fige. Je tiens à préciser que ce sont les boutons physique qui ne répondent plus ! Je commence vraiment à regretter mon achat. Rien ne résouds mon problème. J'ai changé de routeur, j'ai fait tout ce que nous avions vu avec Edward, changé de clé USB, j'aimerais savoir d'où vient le problème. Même si je dois éliminer un outil : Routeur pour l'ipas, clé USB, je ne sais pas, je suis prête à le faire, juste pour être certaine qu'elle ne plante pas juste au début du spectacle !!! merci. delphine
  26. Thank you. Not at the desk at the moment, (and the rest of the day) I guess it's the latest version . I downloaded it together with 7.13 lately. The desk runs 7.13.
  27. Ed, record here the versions of ZerOS / ZerOS Monitor you're using and seeing the problems with, it's the first thing Edward will need to know before he can help you.
  28. Hi all, It seems Zeros monitor doesn't work on my Solution. I can connect to the desk, after that I get the black Zeros screen, but it doesn't give me the option menu which screen to show. Any idea's?
  29. Hello, Good thing this update seems to be working well. It's positive and reassuring. Then concerning the use of old programs from 7.11 to 7.13, I will therefore avoid. Seeing indeed that the new library 3.3 seems to contain 95% of my projectors. Which was not the case with 7.11, where I had to use a lot of "ift" fixtures that Edward had been kind enough to make... So there I have a show at the end of the week, and I'm going to try to use the 7.13 with the 3.3 library. See what gives... And so if I ever have a problem with a fixture, there is now the "creator" and "editor" fixture, it will allow to try that and I hope to solve the problems. In the same way I will follow this show, see for the operation of a node (Swisson XND-4R5 ENode 19 "4 Port 5-pol) that I have had for a few weeks. But not being used to how IP addresses work, I will have to test things a bit... And if it seems to work well, provide a duplicate... (maybe a showtec node) So except big problems, I think to come back at the end of the week for a feedback... Good evening ---------------- Bonjour, C'est une bonne chose, que cette mise à jour semble bien fonctionner. C'est positif et rassurant. Ensuite concernant l'utilisation d'anciens programme provenant du 7.11 vers 7.13, je vais donc eviter. Voyant en effet que la nouvelle lirairie 3.3 semble contenir 95% de mes projecteurs. Ce qui n'etait pas le cas de 7.11, ou j'etais obligé d'utiliser pas mal de fixtures "ift" qu'Edward avait eu la gentillesse de faire... Donc là j'ai un spectacle en fin de semaine, et je vais essayer d'utiliser le 7.13 avec la librairie 3.3. Voir ce que cela donne... Et ainsi si jamais j'ai un soucis avec une fixture, il y a maintenant le fixture "createur" et "editeur" , cela permettra d'essayer cela et je l'espere de resoudre les soucis. De meme je vais suite à ce spectacle, voir pour le fonctionnement d'un node (Swisson XND-4R5 ENode 19" 4 Port 5-pol) que j'ai depuis quelques semaines. Mais n'etant pas habitué au fonctionnement des adresses IP, va falloir que je test un peu les choses... Et si cela semble bien fonctionner, prévoir un doublon... (peut etre un node showtec) Donc sauf gros soucis, je pense revenir en fin de semaine pour un retour d'experience... Bonne fin de journee
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