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  2. If ZerOS was outputting the values we expected, but the fixture wasn't responding correctly, that would be helpful... however, in this situation, ZerOS isn't outputting the values we'd expect when you select a Colour Filter so, at this stage, we don't need the manual - but thank you.
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  4. Ok, if necessary, i can send you the manual of the Linear Led, cause perhaps there is something wrong in the way we've created them with the fixture editor, and i'm sure you know better then me how to do it correctly. Thierry
  5. Hi @Davidmk - would be interested to hear what you have planned with OSC. What would you like to achieve? What other tools / software will you be using with FLX over OSC?
  6. Thanks for sharing Thierry. Sorry you're seeing this issue. There's nothing I can see that's causing an issue, so I've passed this onto the software team to review (reference ZOS-11458). Jon
  7. Good Morning, As requested, my showfile... (wow, sounds like an Elvis Presley's "Soundboard"...) Regards, Thierry SHOW 29-03-2023.zos
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  9. Doh! It was highlighted and I just read the first post, saw the link and followed it. I swear my brain is turning into Marshmallow.
  10. This thread is from November 2019, it's not recent and it was pre-merger with Vari-Lite.
  11. Nice try but when I followed the link you gave I got this I don't see how it makes Zero 88 information easier to find. The products drop down does mention FLX if you look carefully.
  12. We'll take a look, but this showfile has gone from ZerOS 7.9.4 to ZerOS 7.13, so a LOT has changed - nine software updates across almost 5 years! It's almost certainly related to the major changes to SETUP in ZerOS 7.9.5. The release notes had the following text:
  13. I'm sure @Jon Hole will see this but pinging just in case not, so he can check (or get @Edward Z88 to!).
  14. Hi Jon, Actually i can't, i send you all tomorrow morning. Regards, Thierry
  15. Hi Thierry, Can you share your showfile please so we can take a look? Jon
  16. Problem solved! When I was about to change to 5-pin xlr I saw that 3-pin was output 2 and not 1. Why this adjustment didn´t come along with the rest i Showfile is a mystery but now everything is working as before. Thanks!
  17. Showfiles saved in ZerOS had the filetype .isf right up to ZerOS 7.9.8 when it changed to .zos
  18. Also, do any of the fixtures have a "DMX received LED" on them?
  19. The red means they are "non-library fixtures" (don't worry I have the same as I write a lot of my own fixture definitions). That you can swap one out to a library fixture (so it turns white) and it still doesn't work is confusing. Given you have your showfile saved I would do a reset desk, patch one of your fixtures from the library and see if you have control from the programmer. Given the DMX Output window is showing activity we need to prove from the basics that your DMX Output is working. I think there is both a 5-pin XLR and 3-pin XLR output on S48 and they have independent output electronics, so are you able to try both? You'll have to enable then in Setup->Universes.
  20. DMX-adresses are as expected and are matching the fixtures. I only have one Universe and it's enabled, and DMX is enabled in Setup. The values are changing in Output window when I raise and lower masters. It´s like the DMX-cable isn't connected, but it is. I my fixture schedule everything in the column "Fixtures/Modes" is pink/red. If i change Fixture Type the new Type is in white but Fixture still does not work. I'm attaching both .isf file which I created before update and .zos file I created after update and after I loaded the .isf file. (The .isf file was what Save Complete Show rended before update Zero88 20230328 complete show.isf Zero88 20230328 complete show.zos
  21. Pffft... so 2020 (sorry I was looking for something else and this is what search turned up!)
  22. I'm not sure a ZerOS show file has ever had the extension .isf, that sounds more like a fixture file. I don;t have S48, are there LEDs on the back that relate to the DMX outputs? Are these on? In Setup can you check the Fixture Schedule and the universe/DMX addresses are as you expect and as on the fixtures (I'm sure they are as they worked before, but let's confirm). Under Setup in Universes is Universe 1 (or other Universe if that's what you're using) is enabled for output on the DMX port you're using? Under the Z key under DMX Output tab can you see DMX values changing as you GO through your cues (or raise your playbacks)? Attach your showfile (the .zos) to this thread then folk can check that out for you.
  23. Go into the first cue where you don't want the effect to run (probably cue 5). Effect->No Effect Update, but ensure SmartTag is turned off (blue stripe). Subsequently make sure SmartTag is turned back on if that's your usual programming state (usually it will be). This has most likely happened if you set the intensity to zero on the fixtures in the effect, then with SmartTag on, the Effect Off instruction won't have been recorded.
  24. After I updated our FLX S48 to 7.13 and then loaded our saved Complete Show file I can see I have all fixtures in the schedule that I assigned before, but I don't have any connection to my fixtures. Nothing at all happens when I use the submasters. I tried and saved Complete show again and the I saw the new file is .zos and the older ones are .isf. i tried to load both of the files but it doesn't work. I have checked the dmx-cable over and over again and it's connected. I tried to delete one fixture and added it again and it still doesn't work. I restarted FLX after loading Complete Show file, that did not help. The lamps blink like when FLX is off, like they are not connected. What am I missing?
  25. I made a bunch of cues, and at cue 4 I recorded an effect into it. In all of the other cues after cue 4, the effect continues. How can I disable this without having to re-record my cues, as well as how to prevent this problem in the future?
  26. Hi everyone, I have some Linear Led, when i choose a color available in the standar color palette (cause the button is blue) everything is fine, it's also good with the picker an the fader buttons, but when i want a color from Lee/Rosco/Gamecolor... and all the other options (and the colors are available cause all buttons are blue and not grey) then it's not working. i'm running 7.13 and before all was working fine. Perhaps an issue with my fixture configuration (because the fixtures are not part of the official library, i've created them), and i should better send you the informations so that you create the fixture library better then i did... ? Regards, Thierry
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  28. You can't have two IP addresses the same on the network... you need two unique IP addresses, but that are within the same subnet. So, for example and
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