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  2. Hi @UMB Thank you very much for the debug file from your console. Sorry to see you encountered this error. Your console is running ZerOS 7.9.2 software, which is several versions out of date. I would therefore recommend updating your console's software. ZerOS 7.14.3 is the latest software, and can be downloaded from the link below... https://www.vari-lite.com/global/products/zeros-software Please read through the release notes on this webpage from ZerOS 7.9.2 through to ZerOS 7.14.3, to ensure you're up to speed with the various improvements and new features. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  3. My SolutionXL stopped working the Playbacks during a Theater. All the preset-faders with Halogen-Spots worked but I couldn't change the page of the playbacks and some playback-faders didn't work any longer. The only option was to restart. After that two playbacks on Page 20 had 100%, but I put them down and could continue. Can someone help, what was the problem? The file with the report is attached. Thanks! debug_23-3-2024_12-40-55.zdb
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  5. On this occasion I think I’ll be lazy and leave it where it is. This conversation is useful for FLX S and FLX users alike.
  6. Thanks Davidmk, appreciate the answer. I think you are right. Funny how if often takes someone else to jog your memory. Cheers, Rob😀
  7. I think you'll find cue 1 has always had a zero time but you've never noticed it. The manual says... Cue 1, will always have a 0 second fade up and fade down time for intensity. This is to ensure that the intensity follows the level of the playback fader. Check here for more information. (Incidentally, when @Edward Z88 checks the forum he'll likely move your post to the FLX S thread.)
  8. Hi, I have just updated the latest software onto my FLx24. I have noticed on the first cue of the cue stack now the first cue has no 3 sec fade time appear ? The following cues all have the default time ? Thank you. Rob
  9. That's fine, just takes some timing practise when firing through half dozen or so cues in quick succession. Thanks for all your help as always!
  10. Triggering on the release of GO was a deliberate change several years ago - it allows for the “GoTo” command to jump to a specific cue
  11. Not that I know of. I think this is due to the software needing to detect press-and-release versus press-and-hold so it uses the ‘falling edge’ to detect a press-and-release event. Of course I don’t actually know but this would be a typical approach in software (or hardware) where the button has multiple functions. Does the master go behave like this? Compared to the other playbacks. I rarely use the Go of other playbacks so maybe the master go works on the downward press? Sorry, a little off topic…
  12. One more question I've thought of, I've noticed the cues are triggered on the release of the go button for playbacks (not the master). Is there a way to have them triggered on the press of the button, not the release?
  13. Yes - when you press a GO button, you will go into that cue, and the cue's intensities will be inhibited by the playback fader's current level. So you will need to raise playback 1's fader to full, to achieve the intensity values you recorded. Hope this helps.
  14. Thanks both, that's perfect. In my example, once I have triggered playback 1, fir that particular song, do I also need to raise its playback to run through the cues on it or not as sometimes (probably because I was doing it wrong), it doesn't be have, lights don't come on when I press the button and I've found that raising the playback solves it. Thanks
  15. If an effect is running on a fixture, effect parameters will be shown on the encoder wheels upon selecting the fixture and tapping the Effect tab. That's correct, however this data cannot be viewed on the console.
  16. Latest beats highest. If a playback is set to "latest" takes precedence, and the last thing you did was trigger that playback, that playback will output as programmed (it won't take control of parameters that it doesn't have programmed data for). So in your example, fixture 1 is @ 20% right now. Hope this helps.
  17. By chance I found a way: When saving the show as csv, there it can be seen....
  18. I think your settings are correct for what you want to do. Hopefully @Edward Z88 will confirm!
  19. I'm doing a bit of programming for a small music concert we're having next week. My plan was to have my master playback with the basics on, house lights etc and some simple states for some of the songs and then for a couple of songs, program a couple dozen cues on different playbacks for different songs. I did the first song on playback 1 and created a cue in my master playback that triggers playback 1, then I can move through the cues for that song using playback 1's button, then another cue in the master playback that releases playback 1 at the end of the song. My question is, if I set playback 1 to latest takes preference, as obviously I want any fixtures to follow programming in this playback for that sing, but my master playback is still set to highest takes preference, which does take preference. Let me try and explain a little better.... if fixture 1 is set to 80% in my master playback, and set to 20% in playback 1, what will happen when playback 1 is triggered as that is set to lastest but the master is set to highest? Thanks
  20. Hm, I tried, but I cannot see my dimmer effect...
  21. Thanks Kevin. We've updated the discontinued FLX page to say "Full size" and to link to the two current FLX S consoles. Agreed. Whilst I stand by our choice of name for "FLX S" (we wanted to build a family), what wasn't so wise in hindsight was not foreseeing a family of consoles back when the full sized FLX launched - we should have added a suffix to the end of the full sized FLX. We now have a much more robust naming scheme for whatever the future may bring ("FLX" or "Neo" for the family, "S" and "X" for the generation/platform, and "24", "48", "5", "15" or "Server" for the variant). I think it's perfectly clear that "Leap Frog" and "Leapfrog 48" were COMPLETELY different desks, but "Leapfrog 48" and "Solution" were identical. Don't know what you're talking about 😇
  22. Hi @Holger There's no clear way of seeing this on FLX S consoles. You would need to select a fixture (or group of fixtures), and then tap the Effects tab at the top. This would then give you the effect palette reference on the encoder wheels.
  23. Thanks Kevin - your reply is really clear, so not much more I can add really. Your time is much appreciated on this. This is a fair comment - customers will occasionally say they have a "FLX", when they mean "FLX S24", so we just have to be mindful to not then tell them how to do something via syntax strings!
  24. Recent example. The respondent has replied to my post quoting a Vari-lite page but still hasn't recognised in respect of the OP being suggested an "FLX-24" that FLX-S range is NOT discontinued as he continues to assert ambiguously. What's worse is kitlane is a UK operator and posts on Blue Room too. To be frank this is partly down to Zero88 continuing to use unclear/subtly similar product names for quite different products. (I won't mention "Leap Frog"!).
  25. In my Master Playback I have several cues laid on an effect, e.g. cue 2 is laid on effect 42 - or to be more specific all fixtures are laid on effect 42 in my cue 2. Now, how can I see that a fixture is associated with an effect? And with which effect? (I have FLX S24.)
  26. Hi, Ed thanks, I'll correspond via email.
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