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  1. Retirez toutes les clés USB. Quelle version de ZerOS ? Avez-vous changé quelque chose récemment (matériel/logiciel) qui aurait pu déclencher les problèmes ? Remove any USB sticks. What ZerOS version? Did you change anything recently (hardware / software) that may have triggered the problems?
  2. Ed, record here the versions of ZerOS / ZerOS Monitor you're using and seeing the problems with, it's the first thing Edward will need to know before he can help you.
  3. To elaborate on the discussion above (and hopefully not confuse you more). If I'm reading this correctly, then maybe you can programme two Playbacks, one for each of the positions you want to manually "fade" to. As Edward says above, you need to record the final position of the mover for each required "cue". With the fader configured as "Controls Position" then you won't need to separately control pan and tilt on separate playbacks. So if you record (say) Playback 1 with the mover positioned at "stage steps" and Playback 2 with the mover positioned at "foyer exit" then the respective playback should be usable for you to manually "fade" the position from where-ever the mover currently is, to that respective "final" position (for both pan and tilt) per the playback. Whether the mover will track along a path of your liking is to be discovered, but I don't think you would have a good time with a playback being "pan" and one being "tilt" if that was your original thought (you could do this but you would also need to configure "Parameter Separate" for Position as by default, if you move Pan then Tilt will also get tagged and hence recorded - sorry if this bit makes no sense, I just wanted to confirm you could do that, but it requires a change to the desk default setup). I hope that helps!
  4. You can't assign the Grand Master function to a MFF in Channel mode, the MFFs need to be in Playbacks mode. In Channel mode, fader 24 will always be the intensity/trigger for fixture 24. The way to configure an MFF in Playbacks mode is "Setup + Playback button" (then select Grand Master), noting that the Playback needs to be unprogrammed to get those options.
  5. I think Setup on a playback has a ‘fader controls…’ setting you can set to Position. There will be some examples somewhere on Fader Controls… Colour, which should be translatable into similar for Position. Youll have to record just Position info for your fixture to a Playback by turning off SmartTag when you record it.
  6. kgallen


    It’s not here. Work the rest out yourself
  7. That just means when you turn off the console you don't lose your programming. Either the Solution has a battery-backed RAM area or it has some non-volatile Flash or EEPROM that it updates from volatile working memory. So what I'm saying is, that "save" is just non-volatile working memory, not a "backup" that you can recover. Basically if you don't have your show saved to USB stick (I think that's the medium used by Solution), then you've lost it and will need to reprogramme the cues from scratch. Sorry Sounds like you need to save to USB stick more incrementally so you have an earlier state to go back to. When programming I usually save at key points (i.e. when I have chance!), <show>_tech<n> or <show>_dress<n> etc where <n> is 1,2,3,... etc so I have a chronological sequence of states I can go back to. The "final" show I save to two USB sticks, one that I leave with the console, one I take away from me (and try to remember to upload to the computer at home!). Kevin
  8. Nope (although you don't say which "board", but I don't think it matters). Hope you have it saved on USB stick...
  9. Hi Eric, I've had a good experience with 7.13 on FLX. I posted some comments on the Beta forum if you have access to that. The main takeaway seems to be that regarding the library compatibility it's better to start "fresh" on 7.13 if possible rather than load an old show. Having said that, if you tend to use the official library fixtures then Edward can recommend the fixture update process. Regards, Kevin
  10. For (1): I'm not sure but have you checked "Programmer Time" under the Z key? Or SETUP+BUTTON and ensure any fade times there are 0? For (2): Make the cue live on stage. Select the fixture. Press HOME. Press and hold UPDATE. Select REMOVE. (Also confirm cue only/track forwards setting). Press ENTER. See: https://www.zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/updating-cues/update-options#remove You can probably arbitrarily select the fixure (without making the cue live on stage) then when you do the UPDATE also type the cue number and at the end instead of ENTER, press the GO button for the playback containing that cue number. However I've never done this, but Edward shows that here:
  11. If you have the full FLX (which I think you do) then I think you have to look to the Waveform editor rather than the built-in effects. However, having said that, I'm not confident you will get the level of granularity you need for such a large number (300) of "fixtures" - in part probably because even on my small stage, I find that each "click" of value on each parameter has a big effect, particularly the "speed" parameter where I find "1 click" can easily take you from "too fast" to "too slow". So if you haven't yet, I'd take a look at the Waveform tab within Effects... and then await Edward who will know what he's talking about!
  12. Which console is that on? I don't recognise it as a form on FLX so maybe you're on Solution/Leap Frog/ORB? When you dialled up the on-line manual, did you select the correct console type?
  13. Yes. In Setup make both outputs Universe 1.
  14. Mike, It's worth uploading your showfile so Edward can have a look. If those fixture profiles were built by someone not experienced at it, they might not have attached the correct detail information to each (colour) channel in the profile. I would expect both of those fixtures to be in the standard library, so if you have chance to experiment, would you be able to try swapping out to the "official" fixtures and see if you can get proper behaviour? If you have 7.13 on the desk then you might be able to use the new on-desk fixture editor to at least take a look at how those fixtures are defined. Kevin
  15. As discussed on another thread, being able to "clone" or "apply" palettes recorded on one fixture type to other fixture types, e.g. colour palettes. ZOS-3718 is already logged for this and updated with discussion from the following thread. ETA: Reading through this thread, I see I already added the "Format Copy" idea which is related.
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