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    Colour behaviour

    Hi @Gerran and @Edward Z88 Thank you for your interesting questions and responses above. Regarding ZOS-11120: Edward, would you be able to elaborate on the conditions for this issue occurring and if there is a workaround when using 7.13. I have a large/complex show coming up in October so I would like to be up to speed with handling this. Thanks, Kevin
  2. Maybe the "Custom Desktop Layouts on FLX / FLX S" option?
  3. Is the .15. part compatible with your mask setting? I guess you’ll need
  4. Mostly FLX I believe. Any limitations are down to lack of processing power rather than a ‘license’ limitation is my understanding. The only reference is possibly the online manual switched to ‘Solution’. ETA: sorry the Solution had its own manual, not the ZerOS selectable one. Last update was 7.9.2 which is a while back now: https://www.zero88.com/storage/downloads/328c7204-9e39-4eb2-9913-2ded1b75ef0c/IM9210---Solution-Manual-Issue-2.0.pdf
  5. Yea... I bashed heads with them a while back....
  6. I can't afford another one! Anyway Capture integrates properly with FLX (i.e. it's 'your' fault I bought it in the first place ) (Also earlier my question about having built your own Capture reads aggressively - apologies I didn't mean it to scan like that, I was genuinely interested if you had built your own Capture shows for work or outside-of-work shows. Fortunately you don't take offence easily!!! Phew!)
  7. No further questions, Your Honour!
  8. Indeed - which is why I feel a bit stupid! Aside from using Dockhouse have you actually built your own stage and rigs in Capture (application possibly outside of Z88)? I have done some of these training videos (several times), but whilst useful for basic operation, I didn't feel they really dug in to setting up the stage space and creating a rig. It took me ages to set up my stage properly - like getting the proscenium arch in the right place. The definition of such things I find really confusing. For ages I wasn't getting any front light onto stage and this turned out to be that the "proscenium wall" was basically a black wall across the front of my stage - but I just couldn't see it! Also I find their "building block" resources are really limited - I can't build any sort of practical box set. My sets aren't built out of silver spheres and cylinders which is the sort of stuff they seem to have in their library! For rock bands and setups with truss all over the place it might be great (Dockhouse being an example) but for a typical theatre and play? Nah, I don't rate it... I'll revisit these tutorials, but I'm suspecting I won't find anything new - especially as each year they bring out a "new version" that you can't move to without another hefty investment... (I bought Capture with my own money - something like £300 for the most basic license?). Anyway, not really the right place to discuss 3rd party software! Cheers, Kevin
  9. HI Edward, Ah PLASA is done, after posting my reply I then feared I was denying you of your brief lunch spent instead answering my petty questions! Phew! OK my bad, thanks for correcting me! Layering different attributes must have been what I've done before or maybe I was playing with the FLX effects engine... anyway your counter suggestion sounds good, thanks for pointing that out! Good idea! Although as I own a Capture license (2019 I think), then in theory I should be able to construct the relevant parts of my rig and try it for real - but using Dockhouse might be better to get me started - better lights and a larger stage! I must confess to struggling with using Capture a bit - not the FLX interface, just the software itself. I find it rather awkward and clunky to use when others seem to sing its praises. I need to persevere more. It would probably be more convenient to use it coupled to Phantom which I've not ever done, but of course this is the setup you use fir the training. Thanks as ever for the prompt and comprehensive feedback, much appreciated. There will however be more daft questions in due course! Cheers, Kevin
  10. Fantastic Edward - all the info I need to know. Yes the fixtures have zoom so I'll take your advice. Thanks also for the info on recording the palette (that question was in my mind) - but you confirm it's as I expected - also noting that the effect runs "around" the initial position, which is great because I'll want to tilt up a little, set the zoom etc and then overlay the effect based on horiz line. One follow on question, once the effect based on horiz line is running, would I then be able to layer on top, a little bit of (say) circle in order to get the fixtures swinging downstage a little so the movement is "2D" rather than "1D"? I'm pretty sure I can do this and the Effect button will cycle me around the "overall" then separate e.g. speed parameters for horiz and circle. Instead of circle, maybe a little vertical line, because it's operating on top of horiz line will be a little easier to contain? What do you think? I'm hoping that in the next week or so I will be able to set up a few movers (at home) and have a play with this and see how incapable I can be! (7.13 is on my FLX...) Much appreciated you taking the time to reply as I believe you're busy at PLASA! Regards, Kevin
  11. On FLX you can set "Cue Only" in Setup and actually I believe you can switch between Tracking and Cue Only arbitrarily and your programming will stay intact. (This wasn't the case for example on Frog consoles using Full or Partial mode). What I can't say is whether or not the recorded data for your show has all the information required - i.e. if you switch to Cue Only you may still find your cues are missing the required lights, because they just weren't programmed regardless of Tracking or Cue Only. However as someone who has also historically "struggled" with Tracking I would actually strongly discourage you from switching to Cue Only. Firstly it's worth confirming you have Smart Tag enabled in your Record Options. This pretty much makes Tracking work as Cue Only during a programming session, but you don't incur the downsides of using Cue Only which include completely breaking Move on Dark and inhibiting any kind of overlay - even something really simple like adding house lights, or firing a smoke machine from a UDK can cause havoc with your lighting state, because the intensity of all fixture will always be recorded. When using Tracking the one thing to check when doing an Update during programming, is if you need to click for "Cue Only" rather than "Track Forwards" (which I think is the default. TL;DR I'd strongly discourage you from switching to Cue Only - I don't think it will immediately solve your current issues and it imposes some real limitations on the power of the console. In my view, Tracking is implemented well on FLX and I feel very comfortable using it always. This certainly wasn't the case with previous consoles I've used.
  12. Sorry the title is terrible... If I had say 5 movers in a line on a (backlight) bar, what would be the easiest way to implement a move sequence, where the movers look like they are "knocking" each other on in a swing. I'm thinking this may be to use the horizontal line effect with an offset? movers start pointing in to centre stage outer most movers swing out to their respective stage sides outer most mover on one side swings back in towards centre stage, then as it "hits" the next beam that starts swinging out until it "hits" the next and this ripples on not all "momentum" is "transferred" when the beams "hit" so the striking beam can "bounce back" and start swinging in the other direction Exact details aren't critical (as in I don't want to spend hours manually creating a sequence) but basically a swinging motion on all movers where they look like they "bump" into each other and "trigger" the next one along. Maybe "Dodgems" would be a better description! Thanks for any tips!
  13. Oh right… the 7.13 update video is on the Varilite YouTube channel, not the Zero88 one - explains why I couldn’t find it. Some cross linking required if this is a permanent change of clothes?
  14. Hi Jon, It's quite likely the current Auto Effects library will have what I need - once I've worked out how to tweak them to my needs. The additions you made a couple of ZerOS back were very useful, I was just curious if you'd had more ideas/requests and were building more options in. I'll ask in a new/separate thread how you guys might suggest I build a certain effect (with LED movers). Thanks! Kevin
  15. Of course we're forever ungrateful and are intrigued what is being worked on for 7.14 (or beyond)! Possibly the wrong thread to ask in but I'm interested if there is anything upcoming for the (FLX) Effects Engine or it you might add more preset effects to the library (I'm not sure if you can add these via a library update or if it would require a new ZerOS release). My next show in October will require me to us a lot more movement and colour effects (I realise there won't be a new ZerOS before then!).
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