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  1. Change permanently or temporarily? I think your main options are to select the fixtures/group and then tap the palette so this is in the programmer (enable programmer time if you want this to fade). To keep this use UPDATE to change in the cue, or alternatively RECORD this into another playback and then use this LTP to override the colours in the running playback.
  2. kgallen


    If playback #2 is LTP it will override the old playback. Only the parameters recorded in #2 will be overridden. If you want to cancel everything in playback #1 then CLEAR+Playback button will RELEASE all parameters of playback #1.
  3. Been there with the same thing with Effect and have the scars to go with it. You have to use exactly, and only, the process in the manual page you’ve found if you want a hybrid of attribute types in a palette. Yes including SmartTag off and the green stripes otherwise the console won’t do what you think it should given the selections you’ve made on the Record Options screen. Tagged fixtures and red stripes just doesn’t work regardless you think it should. This is was my journey down this particular rabbit hole. The same will apply to your scenario. Probably you can jump in at this post so you bypass all of my petulant tantrums earlier on (swap Effect for Colour/Beam/Shape/Position as required):
  4. Hi, The power is always provided through the triac, so is implicitly "dimmed" even if the channel is at full. Betapack2 does not have a bypass or "non-dim" circuit. The test output level is hard-coded in the design - it's notionally "@FUL" but this is not the same as direct undimmed AC. This is not recommended as explained above this is still a notionally "dimmed" output and will be chopped by the output triac, even if only to 1-2% - i.e. it's not clean AC. Your LED fixtures will almost certainly use a switched-mode powersupply, which will not take kindly to an "unclean" AC supply. Unfortunately you need to get installed some "hard power" (i.e. normal mains AC) outlets, correctly protected for overcurrent and overload (and probably with RCD), into your venue, with which to supply your LEDs. (I do sympathise, I've had to do the same thing - my main venue has Betapack1 and Betapack2). Google is your friend. I just searched and found them straight away. Zero88 will not provide these to you and you need to self-certify that you are competent to use the information from a safety point of view. ...but you will find what I describe above and your electrician friend should conclude the same.
  5. If it's plugged into DMX then it's effectively just a radio-based wire substitute isn't it? It's not an "end fixture" just a means of getting the DMX signal from the console to wherever the actual DMX cabling starts (at the Lumenradio receiver). viz there is nothing to set on the console and the console won't know (or care) that it's connected to the Lumenradio. If your connection was with ArtNet or sACN then there are a whole load of things that can go wrong with IP addresses, universe mappings, protocol. But DMX should be plug-and-play providing you've set up the radio properly on the Lumenradio kit.
  6. Via DMX? Via Art-Net? What issues are you having? If you want some timely and useful support, you need to provide a lot more information, no-one on here is a mind reader.
  7. It should just work unless your programming style is stopping MoD working. Cue 1 - fixture is lit Cue 2 - fixture goes dark - fixture will then prepare for Cue 3 - you should see the fixture intensity figure in the Output Screen with a light grey box during the time the fixture is preparing with MoD - the light grey box will go one the fixture has prepared for Cue 3 Cue 3 - fixture is lit in another position/zoom If you record snapshot cues, this will stop the fixture preparing for Cue 3 after Cue 2 executes. It is best to use Tracking mode.
  8. kgallen

    FLX repairs

    In the absence of a relationship with a local dealer you trust, then I think @iank99 is your man (Coventry). http://www.serviceguy.co.uk/
  9. Hi, Not an adequate answer to your question, I'm sure @KWR88 will have a better answer; but I found this list on the Vari-lite website for what it's worth... https://www.vari-lite.com/global/products/solution-series#_spareparts
  10. You will probably find it easier to use and more flexible to just patch as individual dimmers. I’ve built fixture definitions in the past that treat relays as parameters under Beam. But now with a tracking console with move on dark, just patching as dimmer I find is much less hasstle.
  11. I believe ‘UV’ emitters only exist on the encoder wheels and are not used by the colour picker when mixing visible colours.
  12. You can load a user fixture definition into the console using the normal Load function. It will be available for this show and any subsequent show (until you do a Factory Reset, Clear User Files or upgrade ZerOS). When you patch it, it will appear in the fixture list in red, which means it's a non-library fixture. That's just fine (I have lots). When you save your showfile the fixture definition will be saved with it. Go for it.
  13. I will add that if you want your LEDs to automatically do 0% then 100%, then you can set Cue 3 as AUTO (after) with a wait time (maybe 1 second?).
  14. If I understand you correctly, the 0% and 100% need to be two separate cues. Cue 1: Cue 2: Cue 3:
  15. @jmd Can you attach your showfile please, then @Edward Z88 can take a look (save to USB stick then on PC drag and drop into a new comment). Can you explain this again please. Is this one cue that drops intensity to 0% and then a following cue that increases intensity to 100%?
  16. Halogen only has intensity. When you patch a "Dimmer" fixture that gives you an intensity control. If you don't have up/down for your LED then either: (1) Your LED doesn't have an intrinsic dimmer channel, or you patched the wrong definition or (2) The cue you programmed didn't have a change in intensity If you respond to some of the points in my earlier comments, then we can narrow this down more. At the moment you've given me no more information to help you. I'm guessing what the problem is.
  17. If the patched fixture only has R, G, B colour "handles" then that is all you have to work with. If you want an "intensity" channel then the fixture definition loaded for your LED projector has to tell the desk to create a "virtual intensity" and what real fixture channels to scale. If your LED fixture is only R-G-B then the ZerOS library will already include an R-G-B-(VI) fixture definition which you could use. Alternatively, if your fixture has other channels (strobe, program etc) then FLX now has an inbuild fixture definition tool you could use. I've never used it though, sorry. Maybe@Edward Z88 can advise. https://www.zero88.com/manuals/zeros/patching/add-fixtures/fixture-creator Edit: Having quickly watched the video, I'm not sure if virtual intensity channels can be created in the on-console fixture generator.
  18. Désolé, je ne comprends pas.
  19. If your LED fixtures only have RGB DMX channels then you will need to map a different fixture definition that includes "virtual intensity". Virtual Intensity is a feature that allows the console to scale the fixture's RGB channels proportionally to act as an overall intensity. First, check if your fixture has its own in-built intensity or dimmer DMX channel and if so, swap to using a more suitable fixture definition.
  20. Is it a chase? You use Tap Tempo: https://www.zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/chases/chase-settings
  21. Bonjour sb! Setup+Playback button, disable Release on Lower https://www.zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/playback-settings/raise-and-lower
  22. You must use the ML one if you have Jester ML!
  23. You probably need to set the ATTRIBUTE FADE PERCENTAGES as described on this page: https://www.zero88.com/manuals/zeros/cues-playbacks/chases/chase-settings?filter=1
  24. Thanks @Edward Z88 my bad. Out of interest, does the full FLX have the start-up recovery tool?
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