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  1. Colours trigger at the threshold, defaults to 5%. Try Setup+Playback -> Fader Controls... Colour and see if that helps. This training video might help too:
  2. Probably in your case you changed the position, had intensity at 0 and had SmartTag on when you recorded. Thus the position won't have been recorded. If you really must do this (and I don't think you do), then you will have to turn off SmartTag when you record (or update) this cue. @Jon Hole I'm still getting the annoying "Can't edit, it's been too long" message - both on Chrome iOS and Chrome Win10.
  3. You don’t need the two cues. Just have your cue that brings up the intensity at the position you want. The point of move on dark is you don’t need to programme your own ‘marking cues’, the desk does it for you. Watch Edward’s video.:
  4. I think I can smell the burning from here 😁 (although admittedly I'm not that far away from you!).
  5. @Davidmk Wow, my head hurts now! Hats off to you. Makes what I do seem like child’s play!
  6. My fault! Sorry chaps! 😞
  7. I'm sure @Jon Hole will see this but pinging just in case not, so he can check (or get @Edward Z88 to!).
  8. Also, do any of the fixtures have a "DMX received LED" on them?
  9. The red means they are "non-library fixtures" (don't worry I have the same as I write a lot of my own fixture definitions). That you can swap one out to a library fixture (so it turns white) and it still doesn't work is confusing. Given you have your showfile saved I would do a reset desk, patch one of your fixtures from the library and see if you have control from the programmer. Given the DMX Output window is showing activity we need to prove from the basics that your DMX Output is working. I think there is both a 5-pin XLR and 3-pin XLR output on S48 and they have independent output electronics, so are you able to try both? You'll have to enable then in Setup->Universes.
  10. Pffft... so 2020 (sorry I was looking for something else and this is what search turned up!)
  11. I'm not sure a ZerOS show file has ever had the extension .isf, that sounds more like a fixture file. I don;t have S48, are there LEDs on the back that relate to the DMX outputs? Are these on? In Setup can you check the Fixture Schedule and the universe/DMX addresses are as you expect and as on the fixtures (I'm sure they are as they worked before, but let's confirm). Under Setup in Universes is Universe 1 (or other Universe if that's what you're using) is enabled for output on the DMX port you're using? Under the Z key under DMX Output tab can you see DMX values changing as you GO through your cues (or raise your playbacks)? Attach your showfile (the .zos) to this thread then folk can check that out for you.
  12. Go into the first cue where you don't want the effect to run (probably cue 5). Effect->No Effect Update, but ensure SmartTag is turned off (blue stripe). Subsequently make sure SmartTag is turned back on if that's your usual programming state (usually it will be). This has most likely happened if you set the intensity to zero on the fixtures in the effect, then with SmartTag on, the Effect Off instruction won't have been recorded.
  13. So Edward, I see you’re turning into a bit of a movie star on the NEO-X training! For Jon, so is there anything interesting in the Neo software that you think might make it’s way into ZerOS? I’m assuming Neo isn’t developed in the UK so Simon isn’t the software guy for it. Just a passing interest, not expecting you to write pages!
  14. Didn't try a rename from the web page. I did configure sACN initially from the webpage, that worked fine. Ah of course, thanks. Yes, the auto-generated Art-Net IP addresses worked well, that part of the connection was up quickly.
  15. I didn't see it change at all on the NET-2 main/overview screen (that shows the name, IP address and IP mask). On the NET-2 when I went into the Rename menu it still had it's own default name (NET-2). I will try and have a more thorough play tonight with the info you've both given me above. Thanks! Also one irrelevancy - the NET-2 allows the net mask for Art-Net to be changed from the default I couldn't see an Art-Net mask setting on the FLX. It doesn't matter, I'm just curious if the FLX has a hard-coded under the hood.
  16. Hi Jon. Thank you. I guess you're aiming to handle the situation where multiple fixtures are selected and hence there isn't "one" Universe number or DMX address? OK, I understand, but I don't think that it's clear with the numeric field being empty, there should be something that indicates "retain current values". On the Universe number I should check again. I thought the Universe button in the top left always said "Universe 1" but I'm almost certainly wrong there and it would have had the current universe number in it. I don't remember what was in the numeric dialogue, I'm pretty sure it was blank too! I can confirm I only ever had one fixture selected though - or more correctly, I tapped on the universe/DMX address of one fixture in the Fixture Schedule - so I would have thought in this scenario the GUI should have presented the current value. Much appreciated. Regards, Kevin
  17. Thanks Edward, I'll have more of a play. I renamed the device on the FLX but this didn't seem to reflect onto the NET-2. Maybe my name was too long! I worked out ok patching fixtures to different universes then outputting them on Art-Net and out of the NET-2. But as yet I didn't manage to reconfigure the NET-2 from the FLX, so I'll need to play some more. One comment on the fixture patching - I was moving some existing fixtures onto different universes when playing with this, but wanting to keep the DMX address, i.e. just change the universe. I found that the numeric dialogue box doesn't present the existing value. The number field is blank. After a bit I realised just pressing Enter kept the existing DMX address, but that box should really be showing that number (with the usual convention of having it selected for overtyping) rather than presenting a blank box. Same for the universe number - the numeric box should be prefilled with the exiting number, not blank. Could this get fixed for 7.14?
  18. Seems to work well. FLX sees it. Not worked out how to configure it from FLX yet. Maybe I have to turn on RDM globally?
  19. Ah interesting. Thanks Edward I’ll have a play!
  20. I also recently purchased the Showtec NET-2 "Pocket" for my FLX to extend the number of universes available as DMX. I hope to play with this soon, so will report any issues. I can also confirm that the Showtec can be powered with PoE thus negating the need for the local "mains power brick". First impressions are favourable on build quality and features. I wasn't sure whether to use Art-Net or sACN, so I watched Edward's video again. I think I'll start with sACN as I don't have any (well 2) RDM fixtures. Kevin
  21. I now need to "scrub my mind" of that concept. Thanks a lot @iank99 😁
  22. (Apologies, Keith, there might be an XLS question coming your way too...! https://www.blue-room.org.uk/topic/77296-quick-qestion-for-anyone-with-a-deeper-understanding-of-lighting-desks-than-me-error-codes/#comment-602450 )
  23. @iank99 is the STMain1 in a Frog likely to fit an Illusion 120?
  24. Great news! We like keeping good kit running, especially Zero88 kit 😀 and we even less like good usable kit going in the skip… Let us know how you get on. Kevin
  25. Some Frogs going begging in Leeds if you're in that neck of the woods. https://www.blue-room.org.uk/topic/77291-desks-for-spares/#comment-602410
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