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Could you not simply program the chase memory after the scene memory and have it trigger automatically ?


In the next version of software, there will be the ability to run a macro when a cue (memory) is triggered. If you programmed the macro to be the corresponding submaster flash button (and set the flash button action to latch) then the submaster containing the chase will be triggered when the cue is run :P


Alternatively, you could simply push the submaster fader up at the appropriate time, or is that perhaps expecting too much of the operator ? :P

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That would be asking too much of the operator. as i am desining the lights for a premier of a welsh musical and it will run for 5 shows in 5 days and in the i will need to use the chase to create an effect that is not theoreticaly a chase. But the problem is that i am running the tec run and the first two nights and then the manager is going to run the rest as im away on a course that i cannot miss and the day of the tec run and the first two days of the show the manager is away on a course and it would be better all round if i coud encopourate everything in just pressing the GO button as i wont have time to talk to manager and i will have to mark the script up





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