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Hi all,


Looking forward to using the Frog2 for the first time tomorrow - nothing heavy so think i'll get by.... I come from a background of Strand and MA programming. Have had a bit of a play on the FatFrog etc in the past and got on well with that. Having read the user manual for the Frog2 I am amazed by the functionality of the desk - looks incredibly powerful!!!!!!


Anyways having read the manual, all seems very clear.... however, what I can't get my head around is one simple thing... Maybe you guys can help.....


I would like to be able to record an effect that changes all of my Mac2k's from Red to Blue in a two step repeating chase (hopefully i can then offset this effect so they don't all do it at the same time.... is that fanning on the Frog2????) that only records the colour attributes... That way I can then have my Mac2k's in any position, trigger the effect to that cue and the colour chase will happen.... is this possible?


Can I then do the same for intensities etc etc????


Many thanks,



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