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Urgent file conversion


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Hi Piero


There's a utility on the Compulite website to convert from Spark (or any 4D) showfiles into ASCII. This outputs with a file .cpl - if you rename this to .txt, you can import them into ZerOS.


However, there appears to be a problem bringing those files into Version 7.4 of ZerOS - i've just tried the whole process here and it's giving me some errors, which we'll need to fix. I'll let you know once these are fixed, and we can export a show file for you.


I've attached the converted ASCII files to this message, incase those are helpful to you (you can view them in Notepad or any text editor).




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Hi Piero


We've now resolved this issue. It turned out to be a small bug in the Compulite tool - they don't add a carriage return after the end of the ENDDATA in the ASCII file, which the file format requires. We've fixed these files for you, so you should be able to load them into ZerOS. In the next version of ZerOS, we will be tollerant of this requirement for the carriage return, so you won't see this problem.


You should be aware that in the show files, the Compulite tool has added a 4 second delay time to almost every fade up time on the show file - this might have been in the original file, but it seems unlikely.


You can see this in the text file:


CUE		4.2
 UP		 4.0 , 4.0
 DOWN	   0.0 , 0.0


You may want to perform a find and replace on this file, to remove these delay times - you can do this in Notepad or any other text editor.



  UP		 4.0 , 4.0


  UP		 4.0 , 0.0


Hope this helps,






Compulite Files Converted.zip

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