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Fading memories to build in figures


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Hey guys,


Im currently programming my movers using memories. I made 30 position palettes with my movers standing still (static) and moving (dynamic), using the build in figures of the desk. It is my purpose to easily fade from a static position to a dynamic one, to have a smooth transition between different memories.


So my memories are based upon the position palettes with a fade in & out time, and under “special” I switched position from snap to fade(u). I did this for all my memories.

So the expected result is a smooth transition going from a static position (movers pointed at drummer), to a dynamic one (an ellipse shape with a certain speed), and vice versa.


Now what happens?:


The movers slowly move towards the center of the shape (0.5 x fade time), and then snap towards the starting point. From there the desk starts the shape run. This is very ugly and unwanted behavior. How to prevent this?


The same thing happens going from a dynamic memory to a static one (now the movers snap towards the center, and then start to fade)


I have been thinking of mark/setup cues/memories, but the only solution is to move in black. This is however, not what I want, because that removes the whole effect, and I want only my submaster faders to influence the intensity channels (and thus not the memories).


Does someone know how to solve this?


Thnx in advance!


(by the way, the fanning option is really awesome)

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