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Jester ML 24 - Moving Lights Programming


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Hello Guys,

My Name Is James, I am 15 years old and I have being the lighting technition at my school in Hull for about 2 years now. At my school, we have the Jester ML 24 Lighting Desk. And here is the list of lights that we have.

6 x Chauvet Dimmer Packs

2 x Robe Colourmix 250

2 x Robe Clubspot 300 Moving Heads

2 x Robe Colour Wash 250 Moving Heads

6 VISAGE 056 Par Cans.


Now, I know most of the Jester to program small shows, however with it coming up to Christmas and we have allot of talent shows I wanted to do something different in terms of the moving lights which their is 4 in total. The things I want to know how to do is to create is it a chase so you could just have 3 colour changing automatically, and the lights moving on their own. We base our talent show on the X Factor, so really I want effects like when we do the results, the lights rush down if that makes sense.


Also, if anyone could help me with setting up slow automatic fading between programmed cues so when you go to the next cue, its not just bang I want it to slowly fade in.


Sorry for the poor knowledge, I basically just got told what we had as I am the only one who knows how to use it in my school :)


Any videos, comments or links will be really helpful thanks.


Thanks Again,

James Everett

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I know it's late, but the experience might be helpful.


If you know exactly what lighting you wan for an event, use the program mode and make a cue stack. If you need to "busk" (run lights for a performance without knowing exactly what you want) then set a lot of submasters.


For the moving light effect, the [insert] button is very useful. If you program a step (x) then click insert, you get x.1-x.9 which is very useful. To do the "run" of lights I'd reccomend setting up a manual cue step, then using the decimal addidtions automatically to make the run. Then have the next cue step manual, so you click a button, it runs through the cues, then holds the final position for the next manual button press.


Hope this helps, I don't often use moving lights, but I think thi should work. :)

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