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  1. I agree with all Kevin has said above.


    Many people will say keep phases seperate, however you couldn't get phases much closer than in 3-phase cable which is just as likely to have a fault as 2 lanterns being fed from different phases, so it's a little pointless on a modern RCD protected system!


    Also, many large 3-phase dimmers with multi-pin outputs (Socapex) will be wired channels 1 to 6 phases 123123, or 112233, so again it is expected you'll have multiple phases on a bar.


    Of course when you can and it is reasonably practicable, then it is best practice to seperate out each bar.


    For your scenario I'd probably put one phase Betapack for FOH, and the other pair of Betapacks on another phase for over stage bars. As long as the electrical installation is RCD protected and regularly tested you're fine.



  2. Hi Simon,


    Ah I understand what you mean. What console are you using?


    This is currently available for FROG2 and Orb series consoles, by IIRC using the syntax 58 COLOUR COPY 65 will copy 58's colour to 65.


    Hope this helps


  3. Hi Simon,


    I have had a play and see what you mean.

    The Palette copy function will be returning soon.

    When selecting Filters, the filter name will appear in the Command Line of the console, and as you say give RGBW values in the Programmer table.


    Hope this helps


  4. Hello,


    I would advise you updating to the new software (ZerOS 7.9.2) but probably after your exams as there is quite a difference in operation.


    If you are able to do a hard reset of the console. Do this in Setup -> Clear Options -> press and hold SHIFT + click Reset Desk. Doing this operation will clear any options you have set and reset the desk to factory. If you are happy to go ahead with then reboot the desk and try again.


    I presume you are using version


    Let me know how you get on,




    Is that a touchscreen monitor? Thinking about it further another possibility (you may have already tried this) is that your touchscreen isn't calibrated, so when you click Load Show it's actually pressing Load User Fixtures?



  5. Hello,


    The latest software release for OrbXF is ZerOS 7.9.2 and I recommend you upgrading. You can download the software along with update instructions from the link below...



    To record a cue in ZerOS 7.9.2 on Orb XF you setup your lighting state, press RECORD, and then press any select button of one of the 60 playback faders. This then records your lighting state to this fader.


    To make an entirely blank cue don't select any fixtures or change any fixture parameters, and repeat the same process. A blank empty cue will be recorded.


    Hope this helps


  6. Alternatively the programmer time is also accessible if you push the 'Z' button it should be on the last encoder, push the button in the middle of the encoder to activate the programmer time.


    Very true, ideal for if you don't want to use up a fader.



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