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  1. Yes that will be a good next step in the trouble shooting, be interested to hear the results! Edward
  2. Although the Jester series consoles can't be networked or remotely controlled using an app, you do have the option of a close-contact remote switch using the Jack port that can be assigned any console button press. Edward
  3. Hmm that is strange that the MSC signal is passing straight through the console without the console detecting it. We'll have to wait to see what Jon can suggest, I'm a bit flummoxed by this one! Edward
  4. I agree with all Kevin has said above. Many people will say keep phases seperate, however you couldn't get phases much closer than in 3-phase cable which is just as likely to have a fault as 2 lanterns being fed from different phases, so it's a little pointless on a modern RCD protected system! Also, many large 3-phase dimmers with multi-pin outputs (Socapex) will be wired channels 1 to 6 phases 123123, or 112233, so again it is expected you'll have multiple phases on a bar. Of course when you can and it is reasonably practicable, then it is best practice to seperate out each bar. For your scenario I'd probably put one phase Betapack for FOH, and the other pair of Betapacks on another phase for over stage bars. As long as the electrical installation is RCD protected and regularly tested you're fine. Edward
  5. Hmmm interesting. Do the device IDs match on the Orb and the Laptop 1 MSC trigger? Edward
  6. This would mean that there was no MIDI signal present coming from the interface to the MIDI In port on the console. Edward
  7. Hi Paul, If all is good with your MIDI interface and the LED is lighting when a trigger is sent, ensre on the ORB in SETUP -> Inputs & Outputs -> MSC Enable -> Set device ID. This will then control Playback 0 in 7.9.2. Just be wary if you are using a cheap MIDI interface... http://www.arvydas.co.uk/2013/07/cheap-usb-midi-cable-some-self-assembly-may-be-required/ Edward
  8. No I haven't. My first question would be what MIDI interface are you using? Does it have any sort of LED indicator on it to show it is receiving MIDI from your PC. Edward
  9. No I haven't, however using a decent MIDI interface box such as a MOTU brand will work using MSC. Edward
  10. Hi Paul, I'm pretty sure Playback 1 is still used for MSC in ZerOS 7.9.2. ​ EDIT: After the update it is now the Master Playback 0. Edward
  11. Haha will make some enquiries when I'm in the office next Thursday. Edward
  12. I have looked around online and can't seem to find any of the specs for the screws, and I've come across several dimmers with screws missing that I've wanted to replace myself! The exploded diagram doesn't state what they are. 😕 Edward
  13. Not personally no, however knowing what Freestyler is like and knowing how user-friendly FLX is, I'm sure you'd find it a pain free and beneficial improvement! Edward
  14. Hello, Please find the Fixture file for the Light Sky ECL54-415... LightSky ECL54-415.ift and Light Sky ML12003H... LightSky ML12003H1.ift Hope these are ok, any queries let me know. Edward
  15. Hi Simon, I believe this is not available on FLX at the moment, however is something I'm pretty sure is in the pipeline to be included. Edward
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