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  1. Good morning all. I was wondering if there is any way of getting a comprehensive picture of the DMX addressing and associated channels used across all universes. I am aware of the DMX Outputs picture on 'Z' however that does not give me the info I need. Ideally the kind of info you get when adding fixtures i.e. the 512 channels picture colour coded to used and free channels. Thanks in advance.
  2. Evening all, I was wondering if anyone can please let me know if show files built on the FLX are compatible with the S24/48.
  3. So got a hold of some Servisol Super 10 and it seems to have resolved the problems and fingers crossed. The faders do seem a bit sticky but hopefully that will resolve itself. I also took the time to remove the rear of the desk and change the internal battery, again fingers crossed and all good. Thanks very much for the help from everyone, really very much appreciated indeed !!
  4. Thanks very much Ed, I will take your advice and see what happens. Where are the service centres please....?? Rgds Mac
  5. Hi, I have a similar issue and am wondering how this played out….. were you able to resolve the issue please ?
  6. Hi Davidmk, thanks for the info. I had the case open a few years back to replace the battery. Since you had the same symptoms I will give it another look. I will hang on and see what Ed advises. Thanks again.
  7. Hi Ed, I hope this finds you extremely well. As usual I am contacting you again out of the blue only because I continue to have a problem with the desk….. my apologies. The desk has not had much use at all and after using some compressed air and fingers crossed it seemed to clear for a while. However the problem has recurred again and it affected fandom faders i.e. I could be adjusting no fader however other random faders will increase in intensity from Zero. I had a colleague borrow the desk last week and he seen the same thing. He also mentioned he had the same problem with an Orb. Can I please have some advice on how to get this problem finally resolved. I need it sorted pretty soon as there is some work on the horizon. Thanks in advance for your help !!!
  8. Thanks Ed and email inbound.
  9. Hi Ed, quite a bit of time has passed since I looked at this given the urgency being removed for obvious reasons. I am now starting to have a look at this seriously again and sussing things out as best I can before committing to licenses. I have had a look on the Resolume website and indeed you are right. Arena will be the software version I need for this. Regarding the Resolume fixture file. I cannot see anything that relates to a channel map that you mentioned to build the fixture file. It is probably due to my low level of knowledge right now so will continue to look for this. Am I right in saying that effectively when I have a cue stack set up on the FLX I can basically select Resolume as a fixture and depending on how I have Resolume configured when I execute a cue it will execute the video also. So two pars on plus video on and same two pars off and video off triggered from the cue....??
  10. I have got to say I love the PhantomOS interface. Much easier to work on. Thanks folks !!.
  11. Morning all. Looking to use another external monitor (perhaps using a laptop) with my desk (FLX). Unfortunately the link is now dead...... Is anyone aware of a new/updated one please.....??
  12. Hi Ed, I reformatted the stick and it is now currently working fine. A bit weird as I always have to USB drives both mirroring each other (just in case). I have used this loads of times in the past. Hey ho.... at least it works now. Thanks for your help.
  13. Thanks Ed, I have formatted the stick but will try again. I will also have a look at the system info you mention this evening and get back to you.
  14. Morning folks. I was doing a bit of setting up last night and took a couple of USB sticks with me to load on the desk. One worked i.e. the desk seen the contents, the other did not work i.e. no contents at all seen. They are both Sandisks one 8GB the other 4GB and both formatted to FAT32. The one that did work (which I have had no issue with since first use) was the 8GB stick. Does anyone have any idea why the 4GB stick would not work. It is basically a back up for the other and contained a full copy of the 8GB stick........???
  15. Indeed and thanks John. I am that used to the FLX and using a mouse with PhantomOS. It never crossed my mind. Keith was also very kind to respond to a support email I submitted. All good now !!
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