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  1. Hi Eric. Till now I didn't use the nodes extensivly, in a large venue. The way I will use them will vary, I wanted an flexible solution to extend my universes, (locally) and also want to be able to use them on longer distances instead of using multiple dmx-lines on a long distance. For both the way of configuring is very easy, the showtec can be configured on the node itself and via a browser, the lightshark only via browser. Both is very easy. Both have external powersupply, Via adapter. showtec 12V and Lightshark usb 5.0 V . The Lightshark can be powered via PoE if you want, the showtec i'm not sure. I tested both directly connected to the desk, and via a 19"switch. All worked well. I used the SaCN protocol. My own projector-kit involves Clay Paky's and Elations,and some ADJ pro. (and dimmers of course, zero88, liteputer, and TTL) ) if I need to rent it is often CLF and Rogue. I do not own or have used any Lyre Led till now. So far for now, I will keep you informed if I notice anything of interest to share. greetings! Ed PS you're from belgium , so if you speak/write flemish we could PM in dutch if you want.
  2. Test. Tried to post a message elsewhere, (test & beta) didn't work.
  3. Running 7.13 on all 3 consoles now. No problems till now, once had to use the onboard editor: Great!! and easy. Thanks for that! No worries anymore if I enter an Venue with fixtures unknown to the library. Last week I puchased two Artnet-Sacn nodes. They seem to work flawlessly too. (I use Sacn) one Showtec 2/3 pocket, and one Lightshark LS-Node4. So only good news from here.
  4. I tried to post this earlier , but due to the recent forumproblems I'll do it now: Used and tested by me are a 22" Iiyama, a 13" Beetronics, (or a cheaper chinese version of them) and recently a Waveshare 15,6" portable multi touch screen. I found the 22" a bit large in theatrevenues where the tech seats are in the audience, specially combined with my Solution, which itself is quite high staying in its flightcase. After purchasing a FLX I needed a third screen and started looking for something not too small, but modest, and found this 15'6" Waveshare screen. Works very smooth, well-defined touch. And for a portable nice: it has the standard 100x100 Vesa-mount holes. So easy to put on a higher stand. So two more brands you could probably add to the list: Beetronics and Waveshare. Both brands require no drivers and work with Zeros.
  5. Thanks for your info! I did not have anything in a hurry, so i didn't send any mails for inquiery about the forum problems. Now I understand, and of course many thanks for solving these. Kind regards !!
  6. Not yet, I'll try this. later today I can send you some screenshots of what is happening
  7. Same (stupid?) question for the Solution. Where to find it? Glance through the manual does not help till now...
  8. Just did, it didn't do the job. For now, I do not use the desks together on the same network.
  9. My very bad, of course. didn't click it............
  10. It seems since my upgrade to 7.13 the "programmer time" function doesn't work anymore? it keeps 'snapping' instead of using the amount of time I put on the wheel. Both on FLXS as on the Solution. Tomorrow I 'll start pre-programming a tour, which should really be up and running coming saturday. (last minute job) I guess I will be correcting and busking at least the first show. Would be very nice if the programmer time works.
  11. I just connected the FLXS . works fine. Also running 7.13 (the same version as on the Solution)
  12. Hi Edward, I do not see these options. I connect via ethernet, on a windows 10 laptop. Which setup worked flawlessly with my FLXS . (before I installed the last version of Zeros monitor it did) I have to check if it still works now. I hope I have time for this today.
  13. Thank you. Not at the desk at the moment, (and the rest of the day) I guess it's the latest version . I downloaded it together with 7.13 lately. The desk runs 7.13.
  14. Hi all, It seems Zeros monitor doesn't work on my Solution. I can connect to the desk, after that I get the black Zeros screen, but it doesn't give me the option menu which screen to show. Any idea's?
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