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  1. Not yet, I'll try this. later today I can send you some screenshots of what is happening
  2. thanks!! that'll do the job
  3. Same (stupid?) question for the Solution. Where to find it? Glance through the manual does not help till now...
  4. Just did, it didn't do the job. For now, I do not use the desks together on the same network.
  5. My very bad, of course. didn't click it............
  6. It seems since my upgrade to 7.13 the "programmer time" function doesn't work anymore? it keeps 'snapping' instead of using the amount of time I put on the wheel. Both on FLXS as on the Solution. Tomorrow I 'll start pre-programming a tour, which should really be up and running coming saturday. (last minute job) I guess I will be correcting and busking at least the first show. Would be very nice if the programmer time works.
  7. I just connected the FLXS . works fine. Also running 7.13 (the same version as on the Solution)
  8. Hi Edward, I do not see these options. I connect via ethernet, on a windows 10 laptop. Which setup worked flawlessly with my FLXS . (before I installed the last version of Zeros monitor it did) I have to check if it still works now. I hope I have time for this today.
  9. Thank you. Not at the desk at the moment, (and the rest of the day) I guess it's the latest version . I downloaded it together with 7.13 lately. The desk runs 7.13.
  10. Hi all, It seems Zeros monitor doesn't work on my Solution. I can connect to the desk, after that I get the black Zeros screen, but it doesn't give me the option menu which screen to show. Any idea's?
  11. Thanks! Yes of course this is the way of doing it now. I was just curious, because it would be a very fast and convenient way of changing values fast in more than one cue.
  12. Thank for your answer! I am really looking forward to this!!
  13. Ah, yes I have seen this option. Thanks for your answer as always ! As I understand there is no way of selecting cues (for example cue 5 , 17, 21 , 45 ) and changing one value in those?
  14. Hi all, is there any idea about the adding of OSC-functionality? (via network) am really waiting for this. right now I am still forced to use a laptop with lighting software with every show I need this. Despite having two zero88 lighting desks running the newest software..........all very nice , but I think osc functionality is nowadays sort of basic need....... I am doing quite a lot of (smaller) shows which would fit a FLXS perfectly, but I can not use it, because of this lack of OSC functionality. It is really a pity I have to solve this by using a laptop for lighting.....
  15. Yes, I am aware of this, I just wondered if one could change values (of the same attribute) in more than one cue at once. I used to work with some lighting-sofware on a laptop which had this possibility in the "track sheet" . can be very convenient. If this is not possible I do not expect this to be changed, given the fact it is only an "outdated" Solution/Orb feature
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