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  1. If you have used palettes, this is where referencing palettes is your solution - just update your palettes. Invert is used when you want one half of your rig to do the “opposite” of the other - so 0 becomes full and full becomes 0. You don’t want to do this. You need to “rotate” the fixtures by essentially adding 180 degrees to every value - there’s no software feature to achieve this. Interestingly, we were discussing this internally just last week. The issue is that, depending on the fixture, you risk hitting the pan “stop” and hence can’t achieve what you programmed.
  2. I've added "Global Palettes" to the voting list (bottom item) - feel free to vote for it!
  3. This sounds like something that should go into the ZerOS request thread
  4. There are some features that won't make it to Solution - but we try to keep those to a minimum. For example, most recently we couldn't bring Philips Hue support to Solution. We no longer update documentation for Solution, but we do note all of these in the release notes - so you would need to read through each of those for the "full picture". We also made the decision a year or so ago that we would "stop supporting" Solution being used without a touchscreen (or alternatively a monitor and mouse together). Whilst most things are still accessible without using anything other than the console itself, it started becoming too complicated to design modern interfaces whilst still supporting Solution front panel hardware without a touchscreen.
  5. The capabilities of Solution are detailed on the webpage, and the datasheets towards the bottom of the page: https://www.zero88.com/control/solution The key things are: 248 fixtures. These are numbered 1-48 (assigned to the 48 faders) and 101-300 (assigned to the 20 Multi-Function Keys ("MFKs") across 10 pages). They can all be anything - there's no limitation of the faders only being dimmers. 400 of each palette type / groups / macros 201 playbacks (10 faders, 20 pages, plus the "Master Playback") 2048 DMX channels (4 "full universes", but can be spread across 64 universes).
  6. Are you sure? This isn't a feature and doesn't work when I do it. To jump to a cue, you need to hold down GO, type the Cue Number, and then release GO. When I try this, it's working for Cue 1, 16, and 161.
  7. Indeed... we're locked into whatever each platform allows us to do, with for YouTube is very little
  8. Currently, I don't believe we've heard of any new ideas based on the current waveform engine... but we're all ears to good ones! We do have ideas about more substantial changes one day.
  9. I'd expect nothing less Waveforms and Auto Effect Palettes are all provided by ZerOS Library. What would you be looking for?
  10. ZerOS 7.13 has been released which fulfils "Fixture builder within ZerOS" (6.82% with 21 votes) and "GDTF support" (0.65% with 2 votes) - so I've removed these options from the poll. It's interesting that GDTF Support was voted so low on the forum... but as we said right at the start of this thread: Support for GDTF has been one of the more regular requests via feedback through other channels.
  11. Dear All, We’re excited to announce the availability of ZerOS 7.13, a new update for consoles and servers running the ZerOS Operating System. New Features include: ZerOS Fixture Creator & Editor Pinned Fixture Manufacturers & Types Improved Fixture Search GDTF (General Device Type Format) support ZerOS Library 3.3 Various enhancements and bug fixes Please see the Release Notes for full details. The Online Manual has also been updated to support all the new features: https://zero88.com/manuals/zeros ZerOS 7.13, Phantom ZerOS 7.13 (offline editor) and the Release Notes can be found at zero88.com/zeros If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@zero88.com Kind regards, Jon
  12. @drscoop - if OSC is interesting to you, you can upvote it on this thread:
  13. The icons are now fixed too (quicker than expected!)
  14. The forum has been unexpectedly offline for around 11 hours today. Apologies for the inconvenience. Everything appears functional, apart from icons which are failing to display – we’re working on this!
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