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  1. can you not allow the user to handle the diversity? Unsupervised,? No...
  2. Hi, Yup already done the easy bits recabling and a new plug. I also changed the cable gland . But for safety I am planning on replacing to C10 MCB with C6 of the same make. Its the channel diversity, not the power, that needed. The 32a sockets are already there but not great. Looking at better protectin via mcb/rcd at 32A and maybe a fused isolator too....
  3. Hi Ian, Thanks for this...thats my prime concern. A lot of this kit is in schools, halls, and used by enthusiastic amateurs. I want to be sure Ive done all I can to build a safe environment and practice. It now occurs to me that with a 3 phase betapack used with socapex you will have 3 phase in the multicore. It better be 500v rated , and tested at that voltage for PAT. Andy
  4. Hi Kevin, Yes thankyou I think we now have a better handle on the 3 phase issues, so we can discuss meaningfully with the hall management and the electrical contractors ( if your not careful they just want to strip and replace everything back to the street, and we dont have the budget for that) . I've now worked out that a stage lighting 30amp ring main is most likely fed from the 3rd phase so all are present and in reasonably close proximity, so its been worth the time and effort to explore what is current practice. At least with the betapack 3 and some good protection we should be in a much better place than we were.... Now to downrate the betapacks for 30amp use....but thats for another post! Andy
  5. Hi, sorry just being flippant ! Of course we inspect and test everything while in maintenance and before use. Always best to test on the floor before you hang and patch. Also you can cover the mechanical aspects that PAT doesnt touch One of the benefits of independent PAT done properly is a second wise pair of eyes. Its a matter of finding the right expertise with the right kit...the 13a brigade...hmmm. But some stage services companies offer good support here especially with installation inspections I agree with you on the one-year fits all but its often required by liability / property insurance and management...but for amateur theatre, say 25 days / 100 hours a year...with effectively permanently mounted FOH only check when the lamp goes, and other lanterns set and struck each performance. Thats when effective true risk assessment comes in But we are a little off topic. Perhaps its a good one for the general discussion thread ?
  6. Hi Kevin, Thanks, Fortunately the stage is not too big at 10m x 8m , so with a good supply of IWB bars we shouldnt need many. Part of the move to 15a is to use H07 flexible for all lighting extensions , so its going to get pricey. Im also trying to reduce the PAT load as this has to be done independently ( I dont do my own sfuff - its marking your own homework) so aiming for just enough and no more. Having seen extensions (mis)used in so many imaginative ways in even 'professional' events the fewer the better. With socapex at least you only have one, not six, and its heavy enough to recognise that it needs the correct support. Were using the moulded plug/socket orange 'garden' extensions for 13a mains and will just ditch them if they fail PAT
  7. You have confirmed what Ive been thinking through. We need to get the protection and the labelling upto standard. Im ditching all the dodgy extensions as well and have put in socapex bars, and spiders. The dimmer packs have BS4343 sockets , and we are swapping out 5a for 15a BS546 plugs on the lanterns. With Fuse, MCB and RCD protection we should be OK Many thanks
  8. Just become the proud (2nd) owner of 3 newish betapack3 to replace old analogue strand tempus. So bringing everything up to scratch First, I do know that all elecricity can kill, and 3 phase does it more efficiently, but... Quite a few text books and guides (recent 2010). Recommend separating phases into foh, flies, stage etc and to avoid mixing phases through patching or on bars etc and a six foot 2m rule on socket separation. Now the betapack can be on a 3 phase supply and it looks like this is split so each phase supplies 2 channels , so you have mixed phase in the box. our three will be single phase supply , but split two on one phase, one on another ( all as yet unidentified) but it is likely that some x-patching will occur. Now , rcd, mcb protection has come a long way , so is there anything practical or legal to be worried about, other than labelling for 400v . Current ABTT guides seems a bit hazy on this area What do people do, or think ?
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